Real-Time Data Access: The Unsung Hero of Customer Loyalty

As consumers expect more personalization from the emails in their inbox, the pressure grows on marketers to deliver. But, especially at the enterprise level, it’s never been more difficult to consistently create the kind of experience customers expect. While the CRM marketing cloud does a lot well, it also requires chopping up data and syncing it with the cloud, costing precious time and resources. And that lost time damages the marketer’s ability to reach customers with relevant messaging. That means your messages are just like so many others’ — general and impersonal. It’s the same mediocre experience your subscribers can get anywhere. You haven’t earned their loyalty.

Our webinar this week made the case that the secret to breaking through the clutter is 100% live, real-time access to all your customer data. That allows you to send messages at just the right time, with content that matches what your customers are looking for.

“You’re reaching out to a large group of people. But you’ve also done a little bit of profiling to know how they fit into it,” MessageGears Senior Director of Solutions Taylor Jones said. “When you’re thinking about someone like me, it’s about understanding each different step of my interaction with that site. As you’re going through that, you’ve got to live up to the promises you’re making for the brand. You’ve got one specific theme you’re leading to. It’s about making sure you continually support that message.”

How do you do that? We identified three key points.

If you can establish those, it’ll help bring your email marketing in line with what customers want to see. Content matters. Tools matter. And real-time data access is key in order to avoid costly missteps.

Customer loyalty has been changing in recent years. As technology has enabled brands to deliver better experiences, customers have come to expect that level of service in messaging. That’s particularly true from the largest brands. Consumers think they have the best resources at their disposal. They have the best talent devising their strategy. So there’s little reason for them to slip up, or not have an understanding of the customer as an individual.

“This is all about fostering trust,” Jones said. “You’re trying to build loyalty within your brand. So it’s all about making sure the messages you send are identifying with the overall broader communications that you’ve been sending this recipient. You’re trying to help them understand you know them as an individual throughout the purchase, product, or even retention side. As you’re going through those programs, you don’t want want a serious misstep there where you’re breaking a cadence. So having a 360-degree view of the client is essential.”

To check out the full 30-minute webinar, with plenty more insight and advice into the impact of real-time data access on customer loyalty, you can download it here.