MessageGears SMS: Easily Activate Dynamic Audiences

Interested in how you can use SMS creatively to engage with your audience? Of course!

For enterprise marketers, email is firmly embedded in their messaging strategy, with teams and documentation dedicated to where it fits into the marketing ecosystem, but SMS can be more of a mystery.

What sorts of content should be sent via SMS? What should be reserved for email and push? The good news is, you can manage all of your creative content in one place in MessageGears! No more siloed, disorganized, expensive solutions. One place, all your marketing campaigns, increased customer engagement. Sounds like a no-brainer to us!

Watch as MessageGears’ Luke Ambrosetti (Application Solutions Architect) walks Danielle Briner (Product Marketing Manager) through the SMS offering of MessageGears’ customer engagement platform to better understand what makes it different from what others offer.

Key Facts

Do you know the most effective channel to get your customers to engage and interact with your brand? I’ll give you a hint. SMS!

  • B2C SMS messages have a 98% read rate within 3 minutes of send time. If you’re like us, you have many more unread emails rather than unread text messages.
  • With MessageGears installed directly on top of your live data, you can reach your customers via live 2-way messaging. This enables you to provide your customers with real-time data on information like loyalty points status, shipping confirmation, or their order status.
  • 97% of organizations found that they communicated with customers most effectively using SMS against other channels.
  • MessageGears’ cross-channel marketing platform directly integrates SMS alongside other channels to allow marketers to easily create and send texts to their customers.

Real-Life Use Cases

Luke and Danielle first took a look at MessageGears Message, which allows you to see the direct interaction between your Email, Push, and SMS creative all in one place.

We jumped into the SMS editor and sent an SMS to MessageGears during the webinar — the setup is that fast.

In order to use MessageGears’ powerful personalization, you can leverage the drag-and-drop editor that connects directly to your live data. Not to mention, with the sample preview option, marketers can see how each audience member’s personalized SMS message will appear, and even send a test SMS message to themselves before launch. The “Send a Test” option is available for Email, Push, and SMS.

Then Luke and Danielle dove into transactional marketing messaging, and customer channel preference for various marketing campaigns. MessageGears supports explicit channel preference and implicit channel preference based on your data.

But you may be wondering, what if I send global marketing campaigns? Does MessageGears support global SMS? We do! Your unique shortcode and country code can be easily enabled in SMS set up for as many countries as you support. We currently have customers that send global SMS to customers all over the world! This is included at no extra cost to you.

Luke and Danielle lastly jumped into how MessageGears supports customers in different locales, and how you can create these dynamic SMS messages today. MessageGears enables you to take the power in your data and capitalize on it. If you have your customers’ locale information in your data, and translated creative content in your suite, you can use powerful personalization and localization to send unique marketing messages to each of your customers.

With inbound SMS messaging, we can feature offers from your data in real-time with SMS messaging that makes all of your customers feel engaged. When you send an SMS message, live 2-way messaging is enacted, and data is sent to your database and recorded at scale using event triggers in MessageGears. So, a client may get a personalized SMS message, reply with their customer ID, and receive their loyalty points status. So easy!

Getting Started

If you aren’t taking advantage of the customer interaction that comes with texting your customers, get started today! It’s simple and straightforward to start leveraging MessageGears’ SMS. Let’s get started!

If you want to learn more or just give us a shout-out we’d love to hear from you. Reach us at sales@messagegears.com.