The Marketing Cloud Mirage: How Data Syncing Undermines Your Email Efforts

The legacy marketing cloud solutions haven’t served enterprise email marketers well for years. And the evolution of technology will continue to speed the pace away from the days when large organizations could hope to get by with minimal personalization via their marketing messages. Today, consumer expectations for the content they receive from brands have never been higher. In the current marketplace — and even more so in the future marketplace — it’s essential that the world’s most demanding marketers raise their standards for what they can accomplish by connecting with customers via email. So many brands aren’t, and consumers know it. You have an opportunity to make an impact with your messaging.

It’s from this perspective that we shared our latest webinar, “The Marketing Cloud Mirage: How Data Syncing Undermines Your Email Efforts.” We’ve seen these problems that enterprise marketers face from every angle. We talk to them every day about their frustrations. We exist to solve this problem.

But the reality is, not every marketer sees it as an issue. Even at the enterprise level, it’s easy for marketers to dismiss data syncing as the status quo. It’s just part of doing business with email at that scale, they’ll say. And, if they can identify the issue, they may not fully understand why it’s a problem. Or that it’s solvable at all.

“Your data is unique,” MessageGears Senior Director, Solutions, Taylor Jones said. “You’ve got this massive investment into your own internal data platform, where you’re specifically storing everything you need for your business purposes. This generic data store you’re working out of isn’t designed for your business needs. It’s designed to support everyone in a very generic way.”

Getting marketers to understand that point often isn’t easy. Even more so since the legacy marketing cloud ESPs have a vested interest in confusing the situation. Through their demos and marketing language, they obscure the challenges for enterprise marketers with transitioning to or using their solution. In our webinar, we made it a point to address some of the common arguments against MessageGears’ Hybrid solution. We want to get past the noise, and provide high-volume email senders newfound freedom. We want to help them understand this isn’t how it has to be. It can — and should be — better.

“The reality is you’re duplicating all of the data in your platform, trying to get it over there so you can have that complete view,” Jones said. “And it’s likely you’re not able to duplicate all that complex data, either in sheer number of records or all the data points you want to look at. Especially when you start thinking about those third-party integrations. Getting all those disparate data sources into one data store isn’t as easy as they sell it to be.”

To check out the full webinar, including some tips on how you can proactively improve your situation if you’re currently using one of the legacy marketing cloud solutions, click here.