Creating Local Messaging that Works: How Culver’s Empowers Franchisees to Digitally Connect with Customers

Jun 21, 2022

For enterprises with locations spread across the country, one of the most challenging aspects of marketing can be figuring out how to digitally connect with customers at the local level using messaging that’s meaningful to them. This is especially true for quick-serve restaurants (QSR), which can often be community gathering spots with deep roots and relationships in their neighborhood.

No brand embodies this more than Culver’s, a QSR that prides itself on each location providing a family- and community-friendly atmosphere. They’ve known for a long time that they needed to empower local franchisees to communicate directly to their customers, but it was tough to do well until they found Sageflo + MessageGears. With that combination, Culver’s corporate can:

– Set up branded graphic and language templates at the corporate level so franchisees have the messaging guardrails they need
– Give franchisees the creative freedom to communicate with customers about events, notices, and specials that are unique to their location
– Do all this easily with direct data access from MessageGears and a simple interface from the team at Sageflo

– Liz Haferkorn (Senior Marketing Manager, Culver’s)
– June Sunwoo (Director, Account Management, Sageflo)
– Per Caroe (Chief Revenue Officer, Sageflo)
– Dave Ragals (Senior Customer Success Leader, MessageGears)