Using Data Variables for Relevance at Scale

You may be familiar with launch variables today in MessageGears! We’ve given them a facelift, and a streamlined workflow to elevate the experience of our enterprise marketers and IT teams alike. Most notably, we are now calling them data variables to highlight their versatile nature across the MessageGears platform.

These data variables allow users more control over their queried data, and we’ve updated them to enhance the user experience and value add to your marketing campaigns. As part of the upgrade, we’ve provided data administrators with the ability to create whatever guardrails they think are appropriate to allow marketers freedom to work within a certain workflow without disrupting the administrators’ work.

In this webinar, Product Marketing Manager Danielle Profita Briner and Senior Product Manager Ricky Timbers go through how data variables are changing the way data and campaign admins get their work done, with more available protections and personalization opportunities at scale.