CDP Confusion: Marketers are Buying Tech They Don’t Fully Understand

What exactly is a CDP, and what problems does it solve for marketers? It seems that if you ask 10 marketers these questions, you’ll get 10 different answers. So, we decided to put that to the test, asking 200 marketing pros about their experience and knowledge of CDPs to get a feel for how much confusion there might be out there, and maybe get a bit of an idea about why.

In this webinar, MessageGears’ Will Devlin (VP, Marketing) and Jeff Haws (Senior Marketing Manager) will discuss the just-completed research and try to dig into some of the difficulties around CDP messaging to marketers. You’ll learn which types of marketers are most likely to express confusion, and which ones think they know it all. You’ll also get some insight into what a CDP actually is, and why maybe you don’t really need one in the end after all.