MessageGears Abandoned Cart Automation: Turn Carts into Cash

Enterprise marketers today have an idea of what they need for their abandoned cart campaigns but may not have the right access to their data. How can you use it creatively to engage with your audience to get them back on to your website or in your store? What happens when an abandoned cart campaign is sent too late? Looking for a data-first solution that solves the ticking time bomb of abandoned cart automation? Look no further!

Watch as MessageGears’ Geoff Pope (Solutions Engineer) walks Danielle Profita Briner (Product Marketing Manager) through the Abandoned Cart Automation offering of MessageGears’ cross-channel platform to better understand what makes it radically different from what others offer. They’ll review:
• Abandoned Cart Automation and its relevance to enterprise marketing today
• How Abandoned Cart Campaigns can drive brand loyalty and excellent user experiences
• Abandoned Cart Campaigns inside of MessageGears, and how our unique direct data connection can fuel better customer communication