MessageGears, the leading customer engagement platform for big consumer brands, has completed research on consumer marketing preferences. A key takeaway from the MessageGears Consumer Engagement Report is that consumers are far more likely to engage with brands that recognize them on a personal level.

Despite strong ecommerce sales, economic headwinds threaten to stifle growth for even the largest brands. That pressure has put consumers in the driver’s seat: in exchange for their loyalty, consumers expect brands to do a better job of communicating with them.

Brands know this of course but many still fail to personalize marketing messages. Fifty-one percent of consumers polled by MessageGears said the messages they receive from brands are not personalized, and 62% said they receive duplicate messages on different channels.

Following are a few highlights from the MessageGears study:


Too many messages

Seventy percent of consumers responding to MessageGears’ survey said they receive too many marketing messages, and 49% said they get annoyed when a large national brand communicates in a generic way that doesn’t reflect how they interact with the brand.


Medium and frequency matter

Fifty-one percent of respondents said they prefer to receive marketing messages via email, while 41% said they don’t want SMS marketing messages at all. Thirty percent of respondents said they prefer to receive marketing messages weekly, while 21% want them monthly.


To know me is to earn my business

Sixty-six percent said brands that create a personalized experience are more likely to get their business, and 61% said they would be more likely to share personal information with a brand if they were confident that the brand would use the info to improve future experience with them.


Now it’s personal

Eighty-three percent said they prefer to receive marketing messages that are hyper-personalized. The same percentage (83) said they are at least somewhat likely to make a purchase from a hyper-personalized marketing message. Meanwhile, 44% said they are more likely to recommend brands to others if they receive personalized messages from them.

“In the current economic climate, it’s more important than ever for brands to listen to their customers and engage with them in a way that makes them feel recognized,” said Will Devlin, VP of Marketing at MessageGears. “We know that most brands understand this, but too many aren’t doing enough to address it, which explains why 31% of the consumers we surveyed said that brands aren’t meeting their expectations for the overall customer experience. As market conditions change, brands need to make sure their marketing is aligned with consumer expectations around when, where and how to engage.”

The MessageGears Consumer Engagement Report was conducted in Q3 2022 and targeted 1,000 individuals who reported making an online purchase at least once per month on average. The methodology involved gathering data through self-reported surveys, which were analyzed to gain insights into consumer engagement patterns and preferences in online shopping.

To view the complete MessageGears Consumer Engagement Report, go here.