MessageGears Achieves Snowflake Select Technology & Powered by Snowflake Partner Designations

Mar 02, 2022

Rakuten, Party City, OpenTable, Frontdoor / American Home Shield and Expedia are among the brands leveraging MessageGears’ unique architecture, segmentation and messaging capabilities with Snowflake to empower their marketing teams

Atlanta, Georgia (March 3, 2022) MessageGears, the customer engagement company, has earned the Select Technology and Powered by Snowflake partner designations from Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, for its success helping large B2C brands improve their customer engagement programs.

MessageGears is a customer engagement platform that connects directly to a brand’s data environment– securely and in real time – without copying, synching or mapping, allowing marketers to quickly and easily segment customers and send personalized marketing messages across channels. Forrester Consulting found that a composite organization consisting of four MessageGears customers achieved $10.64 million in benefits over three years versus costs of $2.08 million, adding up to a net present value of $8.57 million and an ROI of 413%.

MessageGears began working with Snowflake in 2017. As a Select Technology Partner, MessageGears’ platform connects to a brand’s Snowflake Customer 360 environment to power customer data segmentation and activation use cases. The Powered by Snowflake partner designation reflects the fact that MessageGears is a Snowflake connected application, and that the cloud aspect of the MessageGears platform leverages Snowflake. The combination of MessageGears  with Snowflake provides B2C brands with best-of-breed customer data platform capabilities as well as cross-channel messaging capabilities that are agile, secure and cost effective. Rakuten, Party City, OpenTable, Frontdoor / American Home Shield, Expedia are among the B2C brands leveraging MessageGears with Snowflake today.

“Industry experts believe a major change is under way in terms of how B2B SaaS applications are built,” said Tarik Dwiek, head of technology alliances for Snowflake. “As enterprise brands adopt scalable and efficient data solutions like Snowflake, SaaS solution providers can process and store data on the brand’s platform rather than their own. This connected application approach provides significant business benefits, and has been MessageGears’ approach since its inception.” 

“Earning the Snowflake Select Technology and Powered by Snowflake partner designations demonstrates our level of commitment to Snowflake and helping the largest B2C brands maximize the value of their Snowflake data for customer engagement purposes,” said Walter Rowland, SVP Growth & Partnerships at MessageGears. “The biggest companies in the world are standardizing on Snowflake and we aim to be right there with them as marketing leaders look for the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to access and leverage customer data.” 

To find out more about MessageGears’ work with Snowflake, go here.


About MessageGears

MessageGears is the only customer engagement platform built for today’s enterprise. Powered by Accelerator technology, MessageGears is a radically different enterprise software company, delivering advanced customer segmentation and message personalization and delivery that simply outperforms other enterprise marketing clouds and data platforms. Through direct data access and innovative platform capabilities, marketers can deliver compelling customer experiences at massive scale, faster and more flexibly than ever before. MessageGears has transformed what marketers thought was possible at major brands like Expedia, Rakuten, T-Mobile, and Chick-fil-A. Learn more at messagegears.com. 




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