MessageGears Gives Brands Direct Link to their Customer Data in Snowflake

MessageGears announced today an integration that brings together MessageGears’ enterprise cross-channel campaign, orchestration, and engagement platform with Snowflake’s industry-leading data warehouse built for the cloud.

With this seamless native integration, MessageGears’ customers can access their Snowflake data directly from the MessageGears platform regardless of where the MessageGears campaign solution is deployed, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This integration allows brands to “bring their own data models” and access their Snowflake data natively via the MessageGears’ campaign, content personalization, orchestration, and engagement features without replication, data mapping, or synchronization.

Combining MessageGears’ campaign and cross-channel orchestration with Snowflake’s flexible and powerful cloud-built modern data warehouse enables enterprise brands to use their integrated data more effectively and efficiently as a marketing tool. For sophisticated enterprise brands like Rakuten Rewards, this has already provided a significant boost to the marketing and tech teams.

“The combination of MessageGears and Snowflake allows us the flexibility to be able to think about what we want to do, rather than worrying about what the technology can do and then figuring out the best that we can do with the technology,” Rakuten Rewards VP, Analytics Mark Stange-Tregear said. “Once you put MessageGears on top of Snowflake, you can do pretty much anything you can think about, and the technology just gets out of the way. And you can move forward, designing the program as you want to design it.”

“At MessageGears, we believe access to all of your data in real time is critical for success, and we believe it should be easy to personalize across channels at scale,” said Walter Rowland, SVP, Growth at MessageGears. “Snowflake shares these perspectives. For organizations committed to enterprise customer 360 data platforms and frictionless data sharing, Snowflake’s elastic modern data warehouse removes all of the brittleness and internal barriers to rich and comprehensive data and data access. The combination of MessageGears and Snowflake enables brands to leverage their data where it already exists in Snowflake, to deliver the right message, at the right time and in the right channel.

For organizations committed to Snowflake’s cloud-built modern data warehouse, being able to add MessageGears’ robust cross-channel campaign and orchestration capabilities directly on top of an existing Snowflake data platform investment provides significant benefits in terms of agility, security, and cost.

“When companies come to Snowflake, we know they’re focused on the health and comprehensiveness of their data, and we’ve found many of them are looking for a cross-channel campaign, orchestration, and engagement platform that fully leverages their Snowflake investment,” Snowflake Vice President of Global Alliances, Colleen Kapase said. “Once we got to know MessageGears and understood their platform, we realized they’re an excellent fit for what our customers need. This integration solves a lot of challenges for the companies we work with.”

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