MessageGears Announces Platform Support for Transformative AMP for Email

MessageGears’ unique cross-channel messaging platform now provides support for Google’s AMP for Email, allowing senders to include AMP components inside content-rich emails, introducing application functionality and interactivity to the inbox.

To support marketers sending AMP content in email, MessageGears has also enriched their message previewing capabilities to validate any AMP content within the message, enabling the user to understand if a message can successfully be sent with AMP content before the mailing goes out. This will ensure that marketers and developers new to AMP can be confident in the messages they are sending, and know the exact reasons that a message may not be a valid AMP message.

AMP represents a big technological leap forward for the inbox, allowing users to personalize email marketing campaigns on a deeper, more dynamic level for the individual recipient.

“AMP now enables all-new email experiences like being able to submit RSVPs to events, fill out questionnaires, browse catalogs, or respond to comments right within the email,” wrote the Google AMP team in introducing the product earlier this year. “Emails can also stay up to date, displaying the freshest content from comment threads or the latest recommendations.”

That makes it a perfect fit for MessageGears’ product, which is based upon real-time access to customer data and rich personalization. Combining it with the capabilities of MessageGears’ cross-channel orchestration platform could be transformative for marketers looking to be creative in their approach to email.

For MessageGears, adding AMP capabilities was an easy decision when considering the possibilities of what marketers could achieve while using it in conjunction with their platform.

“Seeing the potential of AMP for Email, we’ve been really excited about supporting it in our platform,” MessageGears Chief Product Officer Dan Roy said. “It’s one of the most interesting innovations in email technology in a long time. We can’t wait to see some of the amazing ways marketers are going to be able to use AMP to enhance the inbox experience and change the way people think about email.”