Havas Helia Selects MessageGears as Its Preferred Email Service Provider

Relationship marketing agency Havas Helia announced today that it has selected MessageGears as its preferred email and direct marketing provider. As a critical component in Havas Helia’s martech managed service, the agency will promote the MessageGears platform across its client base, providing competitive cost, operational efficiency, and security-scale economies that benefit clients.

Through this partnership, Havas Helia is reimagining the agency-client relationship when it comes to martech and changing the way clients build their martech stack to be more like adtech, where the third-party tools are managed and optimized by their agency. By allowing the agency to support both martech and adtech, clients’ data can be stored seamlessly and unified at the customer level, bringing greater efficiencies and more optimized customer interactions.

“The current model where a brand has to go out and buy an expensive martech suite product and then try to piece together the internal skills to manage all the tools is not efficient or effective,” said Michael Kaushansky, President, Havas Helia U.S. “We have identified and partnered with best-of-breed solutions like MessageGears that we are confident will help our clients perform at the highest level possible, and are providing them with the expertise needed to leverage those solutions effectively.”

With clients like Expedia, Chick-fil-A, and Rakuten Rewards, MessageGears removes data friction for large consumer brands with a platform that attaches directly to a source of customer data, such as a modern data warehouse. This enables marketers to deliver more relevant and meaningful messages, faster and more flexibly than legacy email service providers and marketing clouds. Marketers can now maximize the value of their customer data in real time without moving data around.

“The Helia and MessageGears solution will provide our clients with significant improvement of timely and meaningful customer connections, micro-segmentation, and activation relative to traditional marketing clouds,” added Shay Young, Managing Director, Havas Helia.

Havas Helia will be the first agency partner of MessageGears that has resources certified on the platform and that securely manages modern customer data environments on behalf of clients. As part of the Havas network — a collective 20,000 experts across 320 offices worldwide — Havas Helia is the group within Havas Creative North America that is certified to manage clients’ PII (personally identifiable information) data.

“Havas Helia is unique in its ability to fuse data, technology, strategy and creativity to deliver meaningful engagement between brands and people,” said Roger Barnette, CEO, MessageGears. “With their forward-thinking mindset and reputation in the industry, they were a perfect fit for us to enter into an agency partnership that will be a great benefit for their clients.”

413% ROI in 3 years

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413% ROI in 3 years 

Download the Total Economic Impact™ Report to find out how.

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