The customer marketing platform for customer-obsessed brands

A customer marketing platform is a flexible software solution that helps brands manage, deliver, and optimize engaging customer experiences at scale. Using insights from first-party data, brands can send personalized messages to every customer seamlessly across multiple devices, platforms, and channels. In a nutshell, a customer marketing platform helps brands turn customer interactions into long-term relationships that lead to lasting loyalty. 

MessageGears’ customer marketing platform is a differentiated solution, offering three integrated products designed to harness the power of all your customer data in one place – providing audience segmentation, cross-channel message creation and delivery, and real-time data availability by leveraging the power of your data warehouse.MessageGears’ Customer Marketing Platform vs. Email 

Customer marketing platform vs. email service provider

The biggest advantage of using MessageGears’ customer marketing platform over an email service provider (ESP) is the ability to connect directly to your database. This real-time access to customer data empowers marketers (in a way no ESP can) to execute highly personalized campaigns across email, SMS, push, and in-app messaging. Unlike ESPs, MessageGears lets you maximize the potential and performance of your data, providing unparalleled flexibility and precision.

Customer marketing platform vs. customer data platform (CDP)

While MessageGears’ segmentation tool shares some similarities with a CDP (a nice UI and a view of your data to help with audience segmentation), there are key differences.

MessageGears connects directly to your database, while a CDP ingests data from your database. The CDP approach limits what you can do with that data, and significantly increases storage costs. Having a direct data connection allows you to use your data warehouse as the single view of the customer rather than spreading and storing your data across multiple platforms.

And because MessageGears is a light software install and requires no operations adjustments or language rewrites, it integrates seamlessly with modern data warehouses like Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Amazon RedShift, or any other database your team uses.

Personalized messaging in real time and at scale

MessageGears’ customer marketing platform is built specifically to address the needs of enterprise brands in terms of scale, size, and speed. The direct data connection is the only way these brands can send millions of personalized marketing messages every month because they can work directly with live, real-time data. This eliminates the challenges of data friction and puts an end to nightly syncs and the lag issues that often come with them.

Addressing disorganized and siloed data

Disorganized, siloed, and inaccessible data can be a huge challenge for brands. MessageGears’ customer marketing platform offers the perfect solution by providing you with the incremental steps you need to start harnessing your data effectively.

Starting with MessageGears Segment, you can plug directly into your chosen data source and build customized audiences for seamless export to your ESP. Over time, you can incorporate MessageGears Engage to deliver real-time experiences to your customers, storing a cache of your data from anywhere to always be available. MessageGears Message can bring it all together by helping you send dynamic cross-channel campaigns using your live, real-time data as it sits in your database.

How much does MessageGears’ customer marketing platform cost?

While the actual concrete costs vary from customer to customer, MessageGears’ platform consistently proves to be significantly less expensive than ESP and CDP vendors. The direct data connection not only enhances functionality for enterprise brands but also eliminates any data storage costs. And with most ESPs and CDPs, data storage is a huge proportion of the cost. When these vendors have customers sending millions of messages every month, it costs a lot to keep all that data accessible and ready for use.

But think about it: you’re already paying to store your data behind your own firewall. Unlike traditional ESPs and CDPs, MessageGears never copies your data, meaning you don’t have to pay to store that copy somewhere else. And it’s more secure because you’re keeping the data where it belongs and avoiding unnecessary exports.

Do more with MessageGears

MessageGears’ customer marketing platform is a powerful solution for enterprise brands committed to forging deeper connections with their customers. By providing real-time access to data and offering cost-efficient options, enterprise marketers are empowered to create engaging, personalized experiences that foster lasting customer loyalty.