State Of Email Marketing In Travel And Hospitality

State of Email Marketing in Travel and Hospitality

For Travel and Hospitality marketers, email is a key marketing channel because of its ability to deliver personalized content. But standing out in the inbox, and making sure your content reaches consumers with the right message at the right time is a huge challenge. Having the right ESP partner is the only way to make it happen.


The Relevancy Group’s guide will help you understand:
  • Why so many of Travel/Hospitality marketers’ priorities require live, complete access to customer data at all times
  • Email marketing tactics Travel/Hospitality marketers use to deliver a personalized, world-class experiences to their customers
  • The features Travel/Hospitality marketers look for when considering which ESP option is right for their needs


If you’re a marketer in the Travel/Hospitality industry who wants to surprise and delight your customers while increasing email marketing ROI, this report is an invaluable resource. Download your copy for free today.

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