What We’re Looking Forward to at the Snowflake Summit

May 24, 2019
Walter Rowland

When the “Data Nation” – made up of the brightest minds in the modern data world – gather June 3-6 in San Francisco for Snowflake Summit, there’s going to be so much to hear and see. We can’t stop thinking about all the amazing speakers and partner ecosystem, and everything we can learn to help our customers maximize the potential of the data they’ve collected. Just looking at the speaker list has us counting the days until June 3.

It’s especially exciting for us because of our direct integration with Snowflake, and the opportunities for data-driven brands when their cross-channel ESP and their modern data warehouse are connected together. Already, we’re seeing so many ways this is enabling marketers at our customers to move more quickly (and securely) than ever before, connecting directly to Snowflake modern customer data platforms to pull live, real-time data into their personalized cross-channel campaigns for audience segmentation and conditional content.

This is the first Snowflake Summit, and that’s a big part of why we can’t wait to be there, to soak up all the knowledge and ideas from so many experts who have been putting the powerful Snowflake software to work. When your data is organized in a central, scalable data platform and your cross-channel ESP connects directly to it, the marketer’s job just gets so much easier, more agile — and more spontaneous. Instead of wasting time on operational tasks and waiting for data, the marketer can “dream and do” and put their resources toward building better campaigns, and delivering the data-driven, real-time messages their customers and members want and expect.

Here’s a couple of the talks we’re most looking forward to at the event:

ASICS: Predicting an Athlete’s Performance … in the Rain

In what’s sure to be one of the most fascinating and data-rich talks at the Summit, ASICS Manager of Analytics Chris Drouin will talk about how they used Snowflake’s Python connector and key data science packages in Jupyter to build predictive models and animated geographic data visualizations of billions of runs to help them better understand how changes in weather can impact runner behavior and performance.

Expedia: Driving Modern Analytics in the Cloud

CarRentals is part of the Expedia family, and they’ve replaced their legacy cloud data warehouse with Snowflake because they needed a highly scalable modern data analytics solution. Expedia Senior Director of Technology Tai Hoang will discuss how the CarRentals team stopped putting energy into low-value, reactive projects and used the power of Snowflake to shift their focus to strategic data projects they can show have true benefits to the business.

Will you be at the Snowflake Summit? If so, and you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of having an ESP that connects directly to your database, we’d love to get a chance to meet. MessageGears is the only cross-channel ESP that connects directly to Snowflake. If you sign up for a quick 15-minute chat, we’ll give you a $50 Amazon gift card. No catch. Just 15 minutes for $50. Hope to see you there!

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Walter Rowland

Walter Rowland is the SVP Growth and Partnerships at MessageGears. Walter has worked in Sales, Marketing and Partner leadership roles at high-growth technology firms his entire career. Walter holds an MBA in finance from Columbia Business School, and an undergraduate degree from Harvard.