Top 5 Blog Posts of 2020

Dec 17, 2020
Jeff Haws

The end of the year is a good time to look back and take stock of everything you’ve done. We produced close to 50 blog posts this year on topics ranging from email marketing tips to advice on getting your customer data in order and the continued growth in our product line. We introduced API-as-a-Service, conducted important research, and helped you understand how to get your marketing on track in what proved to be a strange year.

Out of all that, some of the content resonated with you more than others. Here are our five blog posts that got the most pageviews during 2020:

What We See with Email Rates During COVID-19

This post from March — and updated with further research at the end of that month — was easily our most-read post of the year. There was a lot of uncertainty in the marketing world then, and we wanted to provide a bit of clarity as to how consumers were behaving with respect to email, in the hopes that it would allow marketers to latch onto some concrete data rather than making assumptions.

What we found was interesting, and we were able to learn a lot in the process ourselves. It’s crazy to look back now and review the data from what seems like both forever ago and just yesterday at the same time.

Why Marketing Cloud ESPs Can’t Connect to Your Data

This was in response to a question we hear quite a bit out in the field: “If MessageGears’ direct data connection is so game-changing for enterprise marketers, why isn’t everybody doing it?” Of course, the short answer is “Because they can’t.” This was an attempt at a longer, more detailed answer that goes into the history of email service providers, how they’re structured, and what truly separates us foundationally from them.

What Makes Engage Different

Shortly after announcing the launch of our new product MessageGears Engage early this year, we wrote this piece to detail what was under the hood with the product and what separated it from other somewhat similar services on the market today. Because MessageGears Engage is a cache of your live data that can take an unlimited number of API hits, it’s a fantastic solution for Super Senders — even if their data is stored all over the place. In this blog post, we’ve got the details — and the math — to prove it.

MessageGears Engage Bringing API-as-a-Service to Marketers

We revisited MessageGears Engage in this post to introduce the idea of API-as-a-Service to marketers who are using the product? What does that mean? Well, most marketers who deal with a Super Sender’s messaging strategy know the frustration of waiting deep in the I.T. team’s queue for them to spin up another API for you to get access to data for a new campaign. MessageGears Engage can change that with just about an hour-long install, giving marketers access to all their data at the time they need it.

What Do Bounces Really Mean for Super Senders?

In a conversation with our Director of Product Marketing, Nick Ziech-Lopez, our deliverability expert Brad Gurley looked into the data behind different types of both hard and soft bounces to understand what they really meant about the recipients who didn’t receive the email. The results — charted throughout the piece — are really interesting for anyone who’s dealt with bounces and had to devise a strategy for what to do about them. And they could help you make more informed decisions about yours going forward.

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Jeff Haws

As MessageGears’ Senior Marketing Manager, Jeff is focused on ensuring the execution of the Marketing team’s vision, with customer messaging and communication at the forefront. He’s passionate about understanding the way data impacts messaging, and creating content that helps marketers do their jobs better.