Scaling Everest: the MessageGears Guide to Everest Migration

Aug 31, 2022
Michael Weaver

Released in 2020, Everest is an email deliverability suite that combines the industry-leading tools previously provided by 250ok and Return Path into a single interface. For our customers who use these deliverability tools – particularly seed list testing – the time has come to migrate into the new Everest ecosystem. In this blog, we’ll describe the benefits of the Everest Migration to the MessageGears platform and what steps are required from our current customers.

What are the benefits of migrating to Everest?

Since Everest has combined the best of 250ok and ReturnPath, you get more deliverability features in one platform with the benefits of a much more extensive seed list network. Learn more about the new features and functionality here.

What does the Everest migration mean for existing MessageGears customers?

The only change you will see inside the MessageGears platform is when you select a seed list. The seed list drop-down will now display “Everest” instead of “ReturnPath/250ok.” If you have an account login for the Everest platform, you will see a new UI with existing and newly added features.

Everest Migration Process

When should I migrate to Everest?

ASAP. You should aim to finish your migration no later than December, but the earlier, the better considering the holidays.

Is there anything I should consider before migrating?

Yes, there are a few things you’ll want to be aware of before migrating:

  1. Migrating will require a restart of your Accelerator instance so you’ll want to coordinate the migration with your team to ensure no interruption of service.
  2. To best utilize your new seed lists, you’ll want to migrate as soon as possible before the holiday season.
How should I migrate to Everest?

If you host your instance of MessageGears you’ll need to update your API Key which we will provide to you. Otherwise, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get your migration started!

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