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Why I.T. Teams Love Working with MessageGears

Why I.T. Teams Love Working with MessageGears

Jeff Haws

When marketers hear that MessageGears’ customer marketing platform can help them send more personalized messaging campaigns by connecting directly to their data, many of them balk. They think about all the times they’ve been shot down by the I.T. team, and they dread the idea of even making that walk over to that side of the office. Getting a customer marketing platform just sounds like it’ll tie them closer to I.T., and neither side of the relationship wants that.

It’s easy to understand why they feel that way: Typical ESPs are remote from the data and cause headaches and data friction between marketing and marketing operations. The solution that MessageGears offers is unique, and it involves re-thinking how a marketing platform and the data and technology teams work together. Once you shift your thinking a bit, though, the fact is that MessageGears is well positioned to do a lot to actually eliminate that relationship friction between Marketing and I.T.

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