MessageGears x Snowflake Partnership in Less Than 3 Minutes

Feb 01, 2022
Danielle Briner

We have news and we want to shout it, share it, tweet it, read it, from the mountain top! 

“MessageGears Rides Customer Success to Snowflake Select Technology and Powered by Snowflake Partner Designations” 

What does this mean for MessageGears? 

MessageGears connects directly to a brand’s Snowflake Customer 360 data environment as a Snowflake-connected application. 

As a customer engagement platform and partner of some of the world’s largest brands, MessageGears enables enterprise marketing and I.T. teams to access all of the data that lives in their brand’s Snowflake database — securely and in real time — without copying, syncing, or mapping. 

Tell Me More 

With MessageGears set up alongside Snowflake, one of the industry’s most renowned modern data warehouses, live customer data is accessible for segmentation and audience activation on any channel in real time. 

In addition, users can deploy highly personalized email and mobile marketing campaigns at massive scale via native MessageGears ESP capabilities. 

This noteworthy combination of MessageGears and Snowflake provides B2C brands with best-of-breed customer data platform (CDP) capabilities, as well as cross-channel messaging (ESP) performance that’s more agile, secure, and cost effective. 

A New Way Of Working, You Say? 

MessageGears began working with Snowflake in 2017. As a Select Technology Partner, MessageGears’ platform connects to the Snowflake Customer 360 environment. 

The Powered by Snowflake partner designation reflects the fact that the cloud aspect of the MessageGears platform leverages Snowflake. The Powered by Snowflake designation also reflects that MessageGears is a Snowflake-connected application, meaning that MessageGears runs directly “on top” of a brand’s existing Snowflake environment.

Increase Your ROI 

Rakuten, Party City, OpenTable, Frontdoor/American Home Shield, and Expedia are among the long list of enterprise B2C brands leveraging MessageGears’ unique architecture, segmentation, and messaging capabilities with Snowflake to empower their marketing teams and increase ROI

About the Author

Danielle Briner

As the Product Marketing Manager at MessageGears, Danielle Profita Briner oversees the creation and execution of our Go-To-Market Strategy for the entire MessageGears product suite. She applies her background in content strategy and software to organize, establish, and produce meaningful content for our current and future clients.