MessageGears Teams Up with Airship to Empower Cross-Channel Excellence

We’re always looking for new ways to provide Super Senders with more options, more ways to deliver effective marketing campaigns. We want working with MessageGears to be empowering for marketers in every possible way, and that often means finding the right partner fit when we see a market niche being filled particularly well by a best-in-breed solution.

That’s certainly the case with Airship (formerly Urban Airship).  They’re an established leader in mobile messaging. With our new integration, customers can build, automate, and deliver notifications based on any data that they’ve collected into their database — across a full range of actions and attributes — and accessing it live, using MessageGears’ interface. Airship’s Predictive AI is then able to utilize what you know about each customer to pinpoint the delivery time that will generate the highest open, click, and conversion rate.

Their reporting is among the industry’s best and most comprehensive, with custom queries, filters, and a report designer with more than 75 useful templates to choose from. For customers who want that extra insight into campaign performance, it layers on top of MessageGears’ powerful cross-channel orchestration technology to allow for incredible tracking of analytics over time, with the ease of personalization that comes from having direct data access at all times.

Push notifications don’t have to be just limited to text and a logo either. Airship will enable MessageGears customers to send rich push, with images, movies, and gifs to enhance the customer experience and increase engagement rates. And Airship’s interactive buttons enable customers to more quickly and easily take clear action from within the notification.

These are just a few of the highlights of what we’re excited about providing our customers with, through this Airship partnership, allowing them to access these features directly within the MessageGears UI. No extra software or changes required. We believe that by combining Airship’s advanced mobile messaging solutions on top of MessageGears’ best-of-breed email and orchestration platform, we’re providing Super Senders with the only true enterprise cross-channel solution on the market.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the MessageGears/Airship partnership might be able to benefit your marketing team, we’d love to talk.

Jeff Haws

With 20 years of experience in journalism and writing, Jeff brings an expertise in producing impactful content, identifying audiences, and writing in a way people will want to read. He’s focused on helping businesses better understand who it is they’re talking to, and helping them reach those people via the power of words.

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