MessageGears Segment Expands with support for Facebook custom audiences and Google Customer Match

Jul 02, 2020
Nick Ziech-Lopez

Although the industry puts a big effort on making the most of the moments that matter, ultimately marketers need to communicate with their customers in the way that their customers think of them. This means a constant two-way relationship between brand and consumer — not just sending messages (although cross-channel messaging is increasingly important), but staying top of mind in all channels, both active and passive. That’s why MessageGears has introduced support for Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match as destinations within its Segment product.

Now, in addition to sending groups of recipients to messaging providers and elsewhere, our users have the ability to export groups of customers to see ads in their Facebook feed, or be targeted for ads when searching in Google. If we view messaging as a more “active” marketing channel, this now opens users up to a world of “passive” or background marketing — spreading brand awareness on other platforms.

Coupled with our drag and drop editor, this unlocks new uses of the platform. For instance, think of how these channels could be utilized in a simple welcome series:

  • To begin the welcome series, the marketer may send a cross-channel message to the user’s channel of preference to all new users, and measure response rates as users engage
  • After some amount of time, the user may want to send another message to everyone who engaged in the welcome series, but what do you do for the users who didn’t engage in the message? Sending another message might flood their inbox and prompt them to unsubscribe
  • Sending those users a series of Facebook or Google ads is a low-touch way to stay relevant while saving messaging for more important updates


How it works: To protect data privacy and ensure the safe handling of user information, Google and Facebook require that data sent to them be lowercase and hashed. As our users schedule their Segment extracts to be used in transmissions to these third parties, MessageGears will automatically transform outgoing data to ensure successful delivery.

At MessageGears, we think technology should get out of the marketer’s way and make it easier to communicate your brand to your users. Although we’re starting with our Facebook and Google connectors, our end goal is to make it seamless for marketers to communicate with their users on any channel. Have a third party you’d like to see us integrate with? Let us know @MessageGears.

About the Author

Nick Ziech-Lopez

Nick is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at MessageGears. He applies his background in engineering and data analytics to organizing his product backlog, understanding user experience, and obsessing over the Chicago Cubs.