MessageGears Segment Changes the Way You Segment and Target Audiences

Oct 12, 2022
Ricky Timbers

MessageGears has always led the market in the ability to plug in to our users’ data and allow rich audience creation for message sending. It’s the reason we exist — enterprise organizations need live access to their data in order to keep up with consumer demands for messaging personalization, and the leading crop of remote cloud ESPs doesn’t provide them with that.

However, many users want to go even further — starting with a large data pool of their recipients and having the capability to finely segment them into recipient groups and orchestrate the communication of these users to different channels and experiences. It’s not enough for many ambitious marketing teams to be able to merely access their data. They want to be able to do more with that data, to segment it in whatever way they want, in order to fine-tune the personalization level of their campaigns, targeting the right people with the messages that are most relevant, based upon what they know about those people.

There are tools that make some attempt to do this today, with varying levels of success. But each of them has at least one fatal flaw that desperately needs to be addressed: 1) They’re bloated old software that wasn’t built to scale along with the needs of the modern enterprise; 2) They don’t integrate with modern data stores, meaning the more a company invests in consolidating and organizing their data, the less effective their segmenting will be; 3) They’re slow and not marketer friendly, frustrating the very people who use it from day to day.

That’s why I’m proud to introduce Segment, the latest addition to MessageGears’ product suite.  Segment gives marketers the ability to deeply segment their audience and use those segments in their currently running campaigns. This user experience-driven product is simple to use and compatible with any legacy or modern data store. Segment enhances MessageGears’ core function of integrating with our users’ data wherever it lives by providing a more intricate way to augment their data.

Segment was built on 3 core tenets:

  • Segment must provide a best-in-class user experience to allow non-technical users to segment their data
  • Segment must reduce technical overhead and maintain compatibility with modern data solutions
  • Segment needs to be flexible enough to enrich and export data however a marketer wants

The amount of functionality present in most tools that allows users to segment their data can be overwhelming; there are hundreds of screens that require an extreme level of understanding of the data and the tool. Segment fills a gap in the market by providing a lower level of entry to begin using the product. It follows modern user experience standards to simplify complex workflows and redefine what a segmentation tool experience can be, drastically reducing the amount of time it takes a marketer to design and implement a complex segmentation. Segment also provides users the ability to create and define labels within their individual segments, greatly enhancing the flexibility of personalization per segment.

Another gap in the marketplace of segmentation tools that Segment fills is the ability to get marketers up and running with segmentations without being an enormous drain on IT resources. Segment utilizes the core MessageGears features of living with your data, which reduces the cost of segmenting your data versus traditional or cloud-based solutions.

Additionally, Segment is capable of integrating with any data store, including modern datastores such as Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and Amazon Redshift.

A final key benefit to Segment is being able to integrate with virtually any workflow a marketer is using today. Segment natively integrates with the MessageGears Message product, enabling the use of segments in any of the current MessageGears workflows. And Segment will integrate with any other third-party system such as Airship, Facebook, or Google to allow users to use the best-in-class Segment experience with any of their current integrations.

At MessageGears, we are committed to reducing the data friction that prevents marketers from effectively communicating with their recipients. Segment is the latest addition to our Customer Marketing Platform, complementing and integrating with our Message and Engage products to provide a full suite of functionality that clear obstacles and allow marketers to foster effective relationships with users. If you’d like to see Segment close up, our recent demo can give you the deep dive you need to decide if it might be the right tool for your team.

About the Author

Ricky Timbers

Ricky Timbers is the Product Owner of the Campaign Management Platform Team at MessageGears. When he isn’t playing with his beagles, he spends time researching and refining the MessageGears user experience and working with the development team to deliver top notch features.