MessageGears Launches New Cross-Channel Messaging Platform

Mar 11, 2019
Will Devlin

After years of focusing on reinventing and improving how email marketing at scale works for the world’s biggest brands, MessageGears is thrilled to announce our new cross-channel orchestration capabilities. These exciting new tools enable marketers to orchestrate complex, cross-channel campaigns that utilize all of their live, internal data to reach customers at their preferred channel — whether that’s email, push, or SMS.

This evolution has been years in the making, as we’ve seen the changing technology needs of our clients, and the expectations of their customers continue to grow. In order to empower enterprise marketers to send the campaigns they want, cross-channel capabilities were essential. And, when you combine the upgraded platform with direct access to your data, the benefits become clear pretty quickly.

Easy, integrated cross-channel capabilities

In MessageGears’ new cross-channel platform, email, push, and SMS are fully integrated and displayed prominently for marketers to move seamlessly back and forth between them as they build campaigns.

That means no jumping back and forth between different systems and UIs in order to shift focus to each channel. You build one cross-channel campaign that delivers to every channel you need, all within one integrated journey. And because it all exists within a single workflow, it’s easy to visualize which messages are delivering where, and to whom.

Flexible options for mobile messaging

MessageGears’ native capabilities allow for an SDK-less approach to push messaging, making it easier — and less disruptive — to get started without adding bloat to your app, but still taking advantage of MessageGears’ push functionality. This approach works extremely well for companies that are either cost conscious or are able to handle sophisticated technical customization with their own in-house resources.

And for companies looking for more robust push capabilities with an SDK that includes a more complex set of features and analytics, we’ve integrated with Urban Airship to provide their industry-leading solution to clients directly from within the MessageGears platform.

Orchestrate sophisticated customer journeys at scale

We’ve designed our orchestration builder to give marketers a quick visualization of exactly what the customer campaign will look like. You can be completely confident in setting up each step of the journey because it will only deliver based upon the freshest data available.

You use a basic drop-down menu to either specify a channel or go with customer preferences for any individual step, and you’ll see an icon to indicate which one you chose. This allows you to build dynamic journeys with all channels within the same UI and visualization, ensuring customers receive the message where it will be most likely to drive conversions.

Open journeys

With legacy marketing cloud ESPs that offer orchestration technology, journeys are highly structured and difficult to change. MessageGears’ flexible orchestration builder, though, offers marketers endless possibilities.

We designed the orchestration UI to allow you to make changes along any point of the journey as easily as you set it up in the first place. Just drag and drop the new change into place, or type in the new command. Done. It will continue to run with the new change included, without disrupting existing users.

Also, your customers aren’t restricted to any one way to enter the journey. They might join the orchestration at any step along the way, instead of everyone entering from the initial point you built. That lets the marketer build fewer journeys that include a much higher volume of potential customers.

We’re excited to unveil these new capabilities and see the immediate impact for Super Senders. If you’d like to learn more about how we got here, and what the new platform looks like, take a look at to our recent webinar or sign up for our monthly product demo.

About the Author

Will Devlin

A 20-year email marketing veteran, Will has focused on marketing strategy and execution for MessageGears since 2014. He has extensive experience on both the retail customer and service side of email marketing, and he’s interested in helping businesses better understand how they can make the most of the work they put into their email campaigns.