MessageGears Launches Audience Recording for Segment Users

Oct 22, 2020

The importance of having accurate and reliable data for your customers cannot be overstated. Making sure you’re able to send timely and relevant messages to your customer base is crucial to running successful marketing campaigns. This sounds like a no brainer when it comes to marketing, but it’s a challenge all marketers constantly face.

Audience Recording — MessageGears Segment’s newest feature — makes your customer data more reliable and actionable than it’s ever been before. Since the MessageGears application has direct access to your data, we can accurately streamline data feedback loops with modern cloud data warehouses such as Snowflake and BigQuery. Audience Recording allows users to record the exact state of their recipients when they were sent, including the data enrichment provided by the MessageGears Segment product. This dramatically increases data integrity as marketers use it to make decisions in their future campaigns.

A great example of Audience Recording in action can be demonstrated by utilizing it for frequency capping.

It is common practice to make sure that you are limiting your communications to users so that you are only engaging them with content that is relevant to them at that time. By using Audience Recording, you’ll know exactly when you sent a message to a recipient and what state they were in when you sent that message.

  • Is the recipient a loyalty buyer who you don’t want to overload with messages?
  • Is the recipient on the cusp of a purchase, and you’d like one more touchpoint to help drive them to conversion?
  • Did the recipient abandon their cart since your last touchpoint?

Since Audience Recording utilizes MessageGears’ core capability of living with your data, it can utilize the data feedback you are getting as soon as you get it. You are quickly able to compare any state changes for a given recipient — adding more data points that you can use when making your marketing decisions of when and what to send to a recipient.

Audience Recording complements the existing MessageGears suite of products. Segment allows users to create a visual Blueprint of the makeup of their audience and categorize their users into Segments. A portion of this product gives users the ability to add Labels to their recipients as they flow through the Blueprint so they can get a better understanding of the exact segments they are in. Since Audience Recording allows users to record any data enrichment provided by MessageGears, users can combine these two tools to create a visual history of their recipients. For example, let’s say a marketer has a Blueprint that is segmenting recipients by loyalty and spend levels and use this Blueprint to fuel their marketing campaigns. By combining this with Audience Recording, users can record the segments a recipient was in and see their progression through spend and loyalty levels as they were engaged with over time.

This all goes back to MessageGears’ core mission: to empower enterprise marketers to send better, more personalized cross-channel campaigns by delivering products that are directly connected to and centered around their data. Audience Recording furthers that goal by giving marketers more control over how they use that data, and more visibility into the customers they’re sending to. We’ll continue to work to find new ways we can make your data more reliable and useful to you so you can maximize your investment in it, and ultimately deliver campaigns that surprise and delight your customers.

About the Author

Ricky Timbers

Ricky Timbers is the Product Owner of the Campaign Management Platform Team at MessageGears. When he isn’t playing with his beagles, he spends time researching and refining the MessageGears user experience and working with the development team to deliver top notch features.