MessageGears Introduces Phrasee Integration

Sep 09, 2021
Danielle Briner

TL;DR Customers leverage Phrasee to optimize language within a message and test variants.  The variants are generated in Phrasee and can incorporate campaign settings/recipient tokens to make them more relevant and personalized. Once generated, the variants can be accessed in multiple methods (download via UI, Campaign API, and Real-Time API). Integrating the Phrasee language variants will enable customers to take advantage of Phrasee services and receive the engagement boost Phrasee can provide.

Interested in leveraging powerful multi-variate testing (MVT) and optimized human language technology while launching your dynamic, cross-channel marketing messaging? Take a moment today to see how MessageGears is leading the industry in data access with flexible, cutting-edge marketing technology. 

Together with MessageGears and Phrasee, you can gain operational efficiency, build customer loyalty and retention, along with enhancing brand reach while increasing opens, clicks, and conversations.  

Most notably, by easily integrating with Phrasee, campaigns are constantly evaluated against defined A/B testing parameters and are optimized for sending the winning campaign out each launch. 

How Does This Work? 

Enterprise Marketers can leverage the power of Phrasee today with our easy copy-and-paste integration right within MessageGears Message while setting up MVT for subject line/template variants. 

Phrasee Campaigns are easily linked to MessageGears MVTs via an API connection. This allows existing Phrasee customers to pull in the generated subject line variants into MessageGears to deliver best-of-breed marketing messaging. By leveraging Phrasee’s variant generation and human language optimization, the integration between Phrasee and MessageGears is an upgrade to the existing MVT functionality. 


In order to set up the Phrasee integration, in MessageGears Accelerator as a System Admin navigate to Admin → System Configuration → Vendor API. On this screen, simply provide the Phrasee API key used to authenticate.

Integrate Phrasee APIs to MVT Campaign

Phrasee offers APIs to extract generated variants from a Phrasee Campaign. To call the API, MessageGears will need to collect an API authorization token and the Campaign ID to get the variants.

Coming Soon: Publish Email Metrics to Phrasee Endpoint

Phrasee needs to have email metrics delivered back to their system for future optimization.  To be useful, the metrics need to be aggregated around the Phrasee Campaign ID, Variant ID, and Variant Text. These details are returned from the Campaign Variants API called while setting up the MVT. From this integration, each MVT Variant (i.e. Job) will have the same subject line and, thus, a request ID can map to a single variant. 


This opens up limitless opportunities to produce more powerful + meaningful subject lines that capture your audience — ultimately allowing them to reach the right person at the right time with the right message. 

At MessageGears, we pride ourselves on reaching far beyond competitors with our innovative, cross-channel marketing capabilities. Curious? We’d love to talk to you about how you can say it better with our new integration with Phrasee. Get started today

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Danielle Briner

As the Product Marketing Manager at MessageGears, Danielle Profita Briner oversees the creation and execution of our Go-To-Market Strategy for the entire MessageGears product suite. She applies her background in content strategy and software to organize, establish, and produce meaningful content for our current and future clients.