MessageGears Introduces FastCache

Apr 20, 2021
Danielle Briner

With FastCache functionality in MessageGears Segment, we have built out a native integration with cloud data stores for fast segmentation like never before. Marketers will now be able to build out blueprints, test segmentations with the provided starting population, and test with cached counts of your starting population within seconds — breaking down the barriers between marketers and their siloed data. 

But first, let’s rewind a bit. Today’s enterprise marketers run into a lot of issues around “data” that they may or may not have an involvement in fixing. Maybe these sound familiar: 

  • Heavily burdened, slow relational database storage, which makes validating data very painful
  • Generating meaningful marketing campaigns turns into a guessing game if you have old data, and you don’t know your data’s age
  • With large datasets (10M+), refreshing your data takes forever

With these issues, making a small change in your segmentation takes forever, and if you have five small changes to make and need to get an idea of what your segmentation size is, forget it. Small changes go from minutes to hours because the system is busy “recalculating” the data. However, with FastCache, you don’t have to run long queries to validate your data each time, making your segmentation experience five to ten times faster — small changes are no longer a problem. 

How it Works

Using file storage exports from your modern data warehouse, MessageGears keeps the most up-to-date version of your data ready to use when iterating or updating your segmentation. Even if you don’t have a modern data warehouse, FastCache updates your data environment to make your data more usable from where it currently sits. 

You can see below that I have an exceptional amount of data in my database based on my starting population, and I don’t have time to wait around to refresh my Blueprint each time I want to make a change. Some of the important information seen in the segmentation that I built out below is data age, audience size, and the relevant refresh information. 


MessageGears is the only place where you can have live data for activation on your starting population while building out your visual segmentation. The ability to use your live data storage streams for activation makes all the difference and gives you back time. If you’re interested in expediting your visual segmentation process, reach out to to see how you can save time and money with MessageGears Segment FastCache. 

About the Author

Danielle Briner

As the Product Marketing Manager at MessageGears, Danielle Profita Briner oversees the creation and execution of our Go-To-Market Strategy for the entire MessageGears product suite. She applies her background in content strategy and software to organize, establish, and produce meaningful content for our current and future clients.