MessageGears Engage Empowers Airship Users with Real-Time Data Access for Personalization

May 03, 2021
Danielle Briner

Today, Super Senders have the choice to connect their data across a variety of platforms to find their best solution. Whether you’re using MessageGears today or actively considering upgrading your marketing efforts, you’ve definitely heard of Airship. We’ve always given you the ability to connect and use your live customer data to send messages and activations within the Airship platform — creating a best-of-breed solution for native channel execution and mobile messaging. 

What’s New? 

MessageGears and Airship have teamed up to create a unique and powerful marketing experience for your live customer data, pairing MessageGears Engage with Airship’s “External Data Feed.”

Using MessageGears Engage, marketers can now use their real-time data, connected via External Data Feed, while sending mobile messaging in Airship — extremely useful for transient customer data that changes rapidly. This new integration eliminates the need for additional attribute slots in Airship for changing campaign criteria. MessageGears Engage easily allows our users to connect to their real-time data, no matter where it lives. 

MessageGears + Airship 

MessageGears’ current platform integration with Airship provides our users with total control over how their dynamic, mobile messages are composed and sent. From start to finish, you have control of your data, keeping it secure and up to date. 

With MessageGears’ Airship integration, users are able to power personalized mobile message content driven by their own live data. Let’s dig in. 

Here’s a taste of everything marketers can do with MessageGears + Airship: 

  • Access live audience data with MessageGears Segment for mobile messaging in Airship
  • Orchestrate messages in Airship alongside MessageGears Message
  • Personalize Airship messages using MessageGears Engage 

Now that we’re acquainted, let’s check out some examples of how our users leverage the MessageGears + Airship partnership today. 

MessageGears + Airship – Better Together – How Do Users Experience It? 

Marketers are invited to design mobile messaging campaigns in the MessageGears platform and deliver their content through Airship giving them the benefits of using the Airship SDK. Furthermore, our content delivery integration allows users the ability to design cross-channel campaigns in MessageGears Message, and send through Airship, all while delivery information is securely funneled back directly into the brand’s data warehouse (Snowflake or BigQuery for example). 

MessageGears Segment allows you to connect your real-time audience data with Airship no matter where it lives — modern data warehouse or not — and activate segmented audiences through Airship lists. This is a simple solution for users who want to plan one-time or recurring mobile messaging campaigns within the Airship platform using live data. 

Say you’re using MessageGears Segment, and you query for your audience from your live data in your data warehouse. You can then segment your audience using our easy drag-and-drop interface and then activate any part of your audience using external campaigns. When activating an external campaign, you can choose one or many target nodes from your segment, choose the destination — which in this case is Airship — and launch. With the Airship integration, your campaign will automatically show up in the Airship UI for mobile messaging.  

Through this partnership, marketers are also able to orchestrate live mobile customer journeys and experiences. By setting up Airship Tags and Tag Groups, users have the ability to set and update Airship Tags through MessageGears Segment. Tags and Tag Groups allow users to create defined and specific customer journeys and workflows while still letting their own in-house data be their single source of truth.  For example, say you have a new promotion, and within this promotion, there are various coupons you are going to offer your customers based on their loyalty status. So in this case, the Tag Group is the overall promotion, and the individual tags are the different coupons that you can apply to customers. In this case, you can run an external campaign at least once per day, or more frequently, to continuously update customer tags within the tag group. 

If you’re interested in using dynamic, personalized messaging to reach your customers, MessageGears Engage easily integrates as an Airship External Data Feed, giving users infinite flexibility when creating and executing data-driven marketing. Information adjacent to members of your audience can be updated and described using contextual data assigned to Attributes defined in Airship. An example of some of this data would be customer purchases or customer activity tracked by your brand. 

For instance, if you want to send mobile push notifications to your customers based on time-sensitive data like loyalty status or last visit, MessageGears Engage gives you the ability to provide that data at the time of message open. True moment-based marketing, delivered. So, instead of receiving a message with generic text, now customers can receive up-to-date, personalized mobile messaging. 

You also have the ability to use Attributes via MessageGears Segment, but these Attributes are typically reserved for data that isn’t changing, like a customer’s preferred store or zip code. So, leveraging MessageGears Engage for Attributes on certain campaign criteria that is transient, like expiration date, is another option that can be achieved using Airship’s External Data Feed. 

Whether you use MessageGears Segment, Message, Engage, or all three, you can experience the power of MessageGears + Airship across both platforms and see a difference in your marketing efforts. For example, a top 10 big-box retailer brand who is a user of both platforms uses these exact processes today to segment and activate their audience using Airship. With MessageGears Engage + Airship, they make real-time offers and coupons available for their customers nationwide, with 15% higher engagement rates on mobile and email.


MessageGears’ integration with Airship allows us to activate users in Airship in many ways, so no matter what your Airship configuration is, MessageGears allows you to activate your live data. 

If you are looking to connect and use live customer data to activate your audiences within the Airship platform, reach out to us at to create your own best-of-breed solution for mobile messaging. 


About the Author

Danielle Briner

As the Product Marketing Manager at MessageGears, Danielle Profita Briner oversees the creation and execution of our Go-To-Market Strategy for the entire MessageGears product suite. She applies her background in content strategy and software to organize, establish, and produce meaningful content for our current and future clients.