Marketer’s Roadmap to Data Maturity: How to Power Better Experiences and Reach Your North Star

Mar 29, 2021
Nick Ziech-Lopez

We talk to senior-level marketers at enterprise organizations across the country every day, and we regularly hear about their “North Star” goals for their team. Some common ideas they talk about are wanting to reduce their organization’s vendor dependence, break down data silos that are slowing down their processes, or create a seamless process for interdepartmental data sharing.

Most enterprises are in some form of seeking to gain better control of their marketing operations and become less reliant on so many vendors to orchestrate key customer experiences. But what we’re really describing here has less to do with marketing strategy and more to do with the data that powers every message sent out by a brand.

Enterprise marketers don’t have a marketing problem, they have a data problem.

But organizational change doesn’t happen instantly, and it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. That’s why MessageGears is introducing the Marketers’ Roadmap to Data Maturity — a helpful guide to identify where your organization is in the process of data maturity and help you understand how to grow and achieve data-fueled moments-based marketing.

In this blog series, we tackle these data problems head on by describing the various stages of the roadmap and giving tangible and relatable examples of how MessageGears customers have achieved data maturity and taken their marketing to new places fueled by their in-house data.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll begin to outline the roadmap for achieving data maturity — where to start, how to build, and how to reach your North Star. We will do this in a few stages:

  1. Beginning to use data to power components of customer messaging: Exploring much of what the “current state” looks like for many brands and the first steps toward using data to fuel messaging components
  2. Interjecting live data to power customer workflows and experiences: Leveraging the fundamental work done in Part 1 to drive more independent data-driven workflows
  3. Owning all of your marketing operations, using data to power real-time moments-based marketing

Although we know every marketer’s journey to data maturity looks different, this roadmap is meant to be a guide applicable to any enterprise that’s interested in gaining data independence and owning their marketing tech stack. Check back in with us next Monday as we begin our first part of the journey, where we power individual components of the messaging process with live data.

And, as always, if you have any thoughts or questions on the marketing roadmap, feel free to hit us up @MessageGears.

About the Author

Nick Ziech-Lopez

Nick is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at MessageGears. He applies his background in engineering and data analytics to organizing his product backlog, understanding user experience, and obsessing over the Chicago Cubs.