In-App Message Dynamic Elements

Our in-app messaging solution just got even better.

We’re delighted to introduce our newly enhanced in-app message editing experience—now with dynamic elements.

Start building your message using one of our pre-built single-page or multi-page templates.


Use the template as it is or add and remove buttons, text boxes, and images directly in the content editor as needed.

Create your own custom element labels, duplicate the type and content of an element, or remove elements—all without affecting your existing page templates.

Completely customize your message to create the exact layout you need for your message content.

Here’s how easy it is to edit the design template for your campaigns:

Add Elements

To add more in-app elements to your message, select the + Add elements button and choose the relevant content type.


Update an element with a unique name that provides the purpose, content, or action.

Duplicate Elements

Copy an existing message element using the Duplicate option from the element action menu.


This action will clone the entire element, including its content, position, and size.

Rename Elements

To improve the readability of the content within the content builder, choose the Rename option from the element action menu and enter the new element name.

Remove Elements

Remove any message element or template placeholder, with the exception of an in-app background.

Any edits you make will only affect the current message and will not override the selected template.

From here, all you have to do is save and schedule your campaign to target a specific audience. It’s that simple.

Why Use In-App Messaging?

In-app messaging is a crucial component of a strong customer engagement strategy—one that reaches users at the right time, in the right place, and while they are active in the app.

Unlike push, where users must opt-in to receive notifications, in-app messaging doesn’t require user consent. So, you are guaranteed to get in front of your audience anytime they are inside your app.

The top use cases for in-app messaging campaigns include:

  • Onboarding new users
  • Prompting feedback and reviews
  • Helping users discover new features
  • Upselling subscriptions
  • Sharing important announcements
  • Permission opt-in prompts

Final Thoughts

Dynamic elements are currently available as part of our Early Access program. If you would like to have this feature enabled for your app, contact your CSM or visit our in-app messaging docs for more information.