How Nimble Enterprises Can Win Through The Inbox

Content is the best way for your company to stay nimble and build loyalty through email

Businesses use email marketing to engage, re-sell, upsell, and create long-term experiences with customers. Customers are used to receiving highly individualized messages from brands they know and trust. In some cases, smaller and mid-sized businesses do this better than the global enterprises. Why? The more data you have as a marketer, the more difficult it is to be nimble. It’s far more complicated to manage and utilize your customers’ information properly. Many enterprises have so much information to use in personalization that they find it difficult to get personalization right. The pressure is on as consumers expect larger, well-known brands to be the leaders and trendsetters when it comes to delivering a relevant experience.

The solution? Large enterprises that have made significant investments in local databases and marketing warehouses are looking for solutions that access those data sources directly instead of requiring them to copy and sync snapshots of it to the cloud. Solutions that not only provide better access to data but make it easier for enterprises to utilize that data more effectively for email marketing. Real-time access to everything that’s happening also allows marketers to quickly react to their customer’s buying signals. This can help them provide a better overall experience.

Relevant content and offers are crucial for success.

Content is king. For B2C enterprises, sending offers and product recommendations can no longer be one-size-fits-all. A product recommendation out of the blue is not likely to help customers find value in your company. You need to send product recommendations based on behaviors and interests at the right time to bring value. For B2B businesses, delivering useful and helpful information to prospective buyers can help guide them closer to a conversion point.

It’s important to find solutions that allow personalized recommendations and behavioral signals to be triggered automatically (and accurately). Nimble marketers can utilize these tools to test different variations and audiences.

Great personalization keeps people coming back.

The more relevant and individualized the content is, the more people engage with it, meaning they’re less likely to unsubscribe. Enterprise marketers should test and measure the degree of personalized content their customers are comfortable with. When companies send emails regularly, they’re enhancing the overall customer experience and readers are more open to engaging with what they offer.

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