How MessageGears Onboards Customers in Weeks Rather Than Months

Mar 24, 2022
Jeff Haws

The horror stories of migrating ESPs are familiar to most marketers. Maybe you’ve even lived one yourself. We hear all the time about marketing teams whose onboarding with Salesforce, Oracle, Adobe, or any number of others stretched out over a long series of agonizing months — sometimes even into years — as they just tried to get set up for sending their campaigns.

So when people see a story like this one from Blue Nile in which they were sending production email marketing campaigns within three weeks of software installation and fully migrated three weeks later, they sometimes don’t see how it’s possible. How could MessageGears possibly fully migrate an enterprise-level brand like Blue Nile in just six weeks? There are actually some very good reasons why we’re able to do this consistently faster and more easily than any other platform on the market.

No copying your data

With other ESPs, the first requirement is that you have to get your data and copy it into their platform, which takes time. You’ve got to get engineering involved and go through a drawn-out process with logistics before you even take security into account. Your team then has to do at least 6-9 months of work just to get onto that platform, costing you significant amounts of time and money.

We just skip all of that. You already have a view of your customer, so we connect directly into it. Rather than reinventing the wheel with our own attempt to give you some semblance of a customer view in our own cloud, you can just connect to your own via MessageGears. That’s why it’s so much easier from the perspective of getting started. If you think about a gantt chart, the first part of getting data into the ESP’s system goes away entirely. So you can skip right to learning the platform and figuring out how it’s going to help you send better, more personalized campaigns from Day 1.

The first part of getting data into the ESP’s system goes away entirely.

Ease of getting better

When you’re changing ESPs, it’s not to just tread water, doing all the same stuff you were doing previously. You want to do more, and do it better. You’ll have new data you want to access and other things you want to do faster. But with the other platforms, once you start talking about making changes, all the great work your data team did to get the data into your previous ESP is out the window. They’ve got to go back in and change everything about the integration in order to push more data.

With MessageGears, it’s the opposite. You have the data, so you can just pull it now. Grab the segments you want and let’s get moving forward. You’re making a change because you want to do more with the data you have. Our customer engagement platform is ready to help you do that right away.

Eliminate performance concerns

What you get with most ESPs is a situation where you might have 30 million users in your audience, but it’s a multi-tenant platform. That might be fine for sending in April, but you’re going to run into all sorts of issues on Black Friday because everybody’s trying to do the same stuff. We hear from new customers all the time who just think these struggles are something they have to brace for in Q4.

But because we’re built to work off their existing data system, we simply pull off that, meaning another MessageGears customer doesn’t impact you. We just don’t have those same constraints wherein we’re trying to manage all our customers’ workload — because they’re all truly separate. We’re built on a modern platform to scale, so we can go from a customer seeing 5 million messages an hour through their previous Salesforce implementation to 50 million because there’s nothing holding them back.

We just don’t have those same constraints wherein we’re trying to manage all our customers’ workload — because they’re all truly separate.

IP warming speeds along

Because you’re not getting a canned, one-size-fits-all plan — we’re actually getting to know what you’re doing so we can customize your onboarding experience — the IP warming process often goes quite a bit faster. We go into that process knowing which programs should be sent first and how we should do that. We can do that because we work with dozens of the world’s largest brands rather than thousands.

You get the advantages of someone who truly understands what you’re doing and what you’re trying to accomplish, and we build out a plan that’s direct and customized explicitly for that, as opposed to “Yeah, here’s a spreadsheet of doubling your volume every day.” We’ve found that it’s faster and generally leads to better outcomes, but it’s also just a far better experience for the customers who come over to us, more like working with a trusted partner than another faceless vendor.


How is MessageGears able to onboard customers so much faster than any other platform on the market? Because we’re structurally unique and prioritize providing our customers with a level of service they can’t get elsewhere. Onboarding doesn’t have to be nearly as difficult as most ESPs make it. Curious how we could help you make your next change quick and easy? Let’s chat.

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Jeff Haws

As MessageGears’ Senior Marketing Manager, Jeff is focused on producing engaging and thoughtful content that resonates with enterprise marketers, helping them to better understand how MessageGears makes their jobs easier. He’s passionate about understanding the way data impacts messaging, and he’s also hopelessly obsessed with baseball.