Customer’s Corner: How Customers Manage Customer Journeys Using MessageGears Orchestrations

At MessageGears, we empower our clients to dream and do without limitations. This includes managing orchestrations across multiple customer touchpoints, whether that’s email or via mobile push notification. 

No matter your technology suite or marketing strategy, MessageGears is here to enable you to reach your audience when it matters most. 

MessageGears Message offers orchestration for marketers looking to select a series of marketing or transactional campaigns and organize them based on the journey they want their customers to walk through based on their brand interactions. 

If you’re using MessageGears Segment to break out your recipients, you can pull a specific audience while creating an orchestration, or you can bring in any outside audience from another tool you may be leveraging. 

Let’s walk through a use case on how one of our enterprise clients uses orchestration today to create seamless customer journeys. 

Show Me A Use Case  

One of our Enterprise Home Service Providers uses orchestrations in MessageGears to provide over 12 different customer journeys for new and prospective customers who are interacting with their brand through the customer lifecycle. 

For instance, MessageGears enables them to send customer journeys for new leads, which are built dynamically based on the audience they pull into the orchestration. At this point, marketers are able to choose if they want to connect a dynamic audience from MessageGears Segment or integrate an audience pulled in from another platform they may still be leveraging. 

Then, based on where the customer or audience member falls within that journey, they move through the orchestration based on their actions. In MessageGears, an audience member does not have to flow through the entire orchestration to be moved over into a new customer journey. This is unique to MessageGears and is a big winner in the eyes of our customers. Different tools require audience members to complete one journey before they’re moved, but in MessageGears we optimize the actions of your audience members and get them into the right journey to position them for the best brand experience. 

There is a wealth of possibilities for the type of customer journeys that can be dreamt up in MessageGears. Here are just a few: 

  • New Customer Journey 
  • Win-back Customer Journey 
  • Membership Signup Journey 
  • Abandoned Purchase Journey 
  • Communication Preference Journey 
    • Email Signup Journey  
    • SMS Signup Journey 
  • App Download Journey 
    • Push Notification Journey 

How Does This Work? 

From a technology perspective, users can see whether an email or a mobile push notification will be sent to a recipient based on their built orchestration. This can also be set to send via recipient preference — meaning whatever preference the recipient has stored in your customer data. From the orchestrations page, users can set all related campaign information in one place, which streamlines efficiency. 

From a strategy standpoint, users are encouraged to build their orchestrations based on their overall marketing goal. Bring more customers into the store? Get more customers to download the mobile app? Turn more abandoned carts into cash? You name it, we can solve for it. Audience actions can be defined at each step to bring each recipient through the orchestration based on their brand interactions. 


Combining excellent technology and solid strategy with MessageGears living right on top of your live customer data, it’s a no-brainer to leverage orchestrations to create stellar customer journeys. 

Interested in learning more? Check out our support articles here. Want to see how MessageGears can elevate your marketing messaging with access to your real-time customer data? Get started here. 


About the Author

Danielle Briner

As the Product Marketing Manager at MessageGears, Danielle Profita Briner oversees the creation and execution of our Go-To-Market Strategy for the entire MessageGears product suite. She applies her background in content strategy and software to organize, establish, and produce meaningful content for our current and future clients.