Enterprise Email Priorities: What Email Marketing Pros View as their Top Concerns

Research into the top priorities of email marketing professionals

For enterprise B2C marketers, email is among the most effective tools for reaching out to and connecting with customers. But it’s also a medium that’s challenging to leverage effectively, particularly when nearly everyone uses it — the competition for inbox space is fierce, and there’s no sign that people’s attention spans are getting longer. We understand the difficulties enterprise marketers face when it comes to maximizing their email ROI, but we wanted to dig deeper and see exactly where their priorities lie.

That was the motivation behind our recent survey, where we asked enterprise marketers to talk about their biggest challenges, top priorities, and their evaluation of how well they’re meeting their email marketing goals. It’s helpful to hear stories and talk in the field while discussing issues with clients, but this was an opportunity to look at a wide cross-section of enterprise marketers to take the temperature of the email industry, and what’s creating the biggest obstacles to success for marketing teams.

Analysis: With more than half of enterprise marketers (58%) citing improving email engagement as the top priority of their email marketing strategy, it’s important for marketers to have live access to all their customer data during the process of building out campaigns so they can deliver the types of content that subscribers want to engage with.


Analysis: More than three-fourths (81%) of enterprise marketers described their email marketing’s success as either best-in-class or above average. By definition, this can’t be true; it suggests that marketers are overrating their work, and likely settling for results that aren’t as good as they should be.


Analysis: Nearly half (47%) of enterprise marketers say improving the quality of their subscribers is their biggest email marketing challenge. Good email list quality requires a number of email practices to be in sync, from effective segmentation to proper hygiene (purging invalid/non-engaged emails) to targeted re-engagement campaigns and keeping the emails you do send relevant to the individual subscriber.


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