Email Marketing Discussion Series with BrightWave

Listen to a wide-ranging discussion on email marketing with experts from MessageGears and BrightWave
Nov 29, 2018
Jeff Haws

No matter how long you’ve been in the industry, successful email marketers know there’s always something new to learn. The evolving nature of email is part of what keeps #emailgeeks coming back, keeping up with new technology and trying to use it to deliver the sorts of messages that excite your subscribers.

Because it’s always changing, sharing knowledge and hearing from others is essential if you want to keep up with where the industry is headed. That’s a big part of what we want to help with, spreading our experience and helping others be better at what they do.

As part of that, we recently visited our friends at BrightWave, one of the best and most innovative agencies in the industry, for a wide-ranging talk between Chris Brown (MessageGears VP, Customer Success) and Laura Sullivan (BrightWave VP, Creative Services). If you have a free half hour, watch the whole conversation. Or keep scrolling to see the highlights we picked out.

Using your data

You understand the importance of the customer data you’ve collected for email marketing, but knowing how to best use it is a big part of the battle. Staying organized and keeping your data under your control is a big part of clearing that hurdle.

Organizing content

You’ve developed all this content, but how do you keep it organized so it can be utilized in an efficient manner? Laura offers some expert tips that can get you starting to take your disparate content and turn it into a cohesive set that will make the process of building effective emails far simpler.

Building content libraries

You’re using your content well, but are you building upon what you’ve done previously? A content library could be the key to saving time and energy. Because of course it takes a lot of content in order to personalize at scale. But keeping that content together in an organized fashion can make it all doable.

Listen to your customers

Do you know you need customer data in order to personalize, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you should begin by simply listening in order to better understand what it is that your customers want. Because if you open your ears, their behavior is telling you something.

Enhancing the inbox experience

Everything you do with your email design should be with the user experience in mind. And there are subtle ways to make that experience better, and make the content within your email more interesting and click-worthy for the end user.

Challenges of videos in email

Lots of companies want to use video in their emails, but it’s worth considering the user experience and what your goals are for the campaign. Don’t do video just because you think it’s the hot thing, or because you think people will watch. It’s important to know exactly what you want to get out of it.
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