Let’s say that you’re a marketer without a budget. Or rather, let’s say that your budget is unlimited. To whom would you market your product or service? Without concern for cost, you might be tempted to market to everyone; every minute of every day across every possible marketing channel. You could run advertisements on TV,… Read more »

You may refer to it as 1:1 messaging, omni-channel, cross-channel or lifecycle marketing, but no matter what you call it, these words and their underlying meanings will be both a bane and a blessing for businesses for the foreseeable future. While the nuances of each definition may differ slightly, they are all terms marketers use to… Read more »

Email has remained the communication channel king for decades, and email marketing is soon to be a $6.5 billion industry. While marketing through mobile devices and social channels has certainly grown in popularity in recent years, evidence suggests that consumers still prefer email. In a recent MarketingSherpa survey, 75 percent of tech-savvy social media “addicts”… Read more »

Companies that rely on the email channel as a core portion of their revenue stream are, at some point, faced with the question: should we build or buy? We’ve seen a trend over the years of companies outsourcing their email programs, but at what cost? There are pros and cons to both options. Let’s explore… Read more »