As a marketer, how much insight do you have into the entire customer journey, from first touch to ongoing communications? Do you have a complete, global view of your loyal customers? Today’s consumers expect personalized, relevant, and immediate messaging and a consistent experience, no matter where or how they’re interacting with your brand. Yet most… Read more »

The team at MessageGears stays busy throughout the year adding new features and enhancements to our hybrid email marketing platform and helping our customers improve their email programs. Working so closely with our customers gives us extra insight into what works (and what doesn’t) for enterprise marketers, so throughout the year the team posts various insights and… Read more »

Every marketer needs to ask this question: “Is my real-time email marketing really real-time?” If you haven’t started asking this question, you will soon. Email marketing has emerged front and center as a prime real-time marketing tool, but many marketers are surprised to find that what they call “real-time” is not so real-time after all…. Read more »

Marketing today is all about personalization. In recent years, enterprise marketers have increasingly become more sophisticated as consumer expectations evolve. Today’s consumer expects relevant, personalized messages from brands instead of generic content that doesn’t interest them. This requires brands to tap into data from all customer touchpoints to use in email and other marketing channels. Smart marketers create… Read more »