A good marketer knows that designing a successful holiday email program requires months of planning. But without the proper technology and infrastructure, a holiday email program won’t be successful no matter how well everything else has been planned. With a little prep (and some conversations with your email service provider (ESP) throughout the year), you can… Read more »

Marketing today is all about personalization. In recent years, enterprise marketers have increasingly become more sophisticated as consumer expectations evolve. Today’s consumer expects relevant, personalized messages from brands instead of generic content that doesn’t interest them. This requires brands to tap into data from all customer touchpoints to use in email and other marketing channels. Smart marketers create… Read more »

Cloud computing has become nearly ubiquitous, but are retailers making the best use of cloud services when it comes to managing sensitive customer data? Deciding what customer data should be stored in the cloud and what data should be stored on-premises behind a company’s firewall is a question every retail company has to grapple with…. Read more »

Until recently, marketers have had access to only two enterprise marketing email solutions: on-premises software or cloud Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). However, as the demand for more sophisticated, integrated marketing management and analytics has increased, the shortcomings of cloud and on-premises solutions are becoming more apparent to marketers. Although on-premises solutions have the benefit of providing direct… Read more »