Have you ever wondered how some companies are able to consistently send millions of highly targeted, personalized emails in real-time? The very nature of email makes sending real-time, personalized messages a challenge for any company. The key to all real-time marketing is speed, but the very infrastructure of email marketing is based on a series… Read more »

MessageGears was proud to sponsorĀ the inaugural OMMA Marketing Tech at Internet Week New York on May 18, 2016. The event focused on how marketers can aim technology at their main business objectives without being distracted by the newest, shiniest object on the market. Here are some highlights: Keynote: Marketing With A Retail Mindset Katie Bisbee,… Read more »

In a recent study, highlighted in our new Email Marketing Trends & Best Practices for Data-Centric Organizations report, we asked over 300 marketers to tell us about their relationship with their I.T. organization. The results weren’t surprising: Only 64% of the respondents would describe their relationship with I.T. as at least “above average.” The remainingĀ 36%… Read more »

As a marketer, how much insight do you have into the entire customer journey, from first touch to ongoing communications? Do you have a complete, global view of your loyal customers? Today’s consumers expect personalized, relevant, and immediate messaging and a consistent experience, no matter where or how they’re interacting with your brand. Yet most… Read more »