As email volumes rise into the millions each month for many companies, new challenges in email marketing emerge, especially as it relates to the increasing demand for personalized, real-time messaging. Consumers have come to expect relevant communications in real-time, but the very infrastructure of email marketing is based on a series of time-consuming tasks, such as… Read more »

How much of your customer data is accessible for email marketing? The rise of real-time marketing means that today’s marketers need more access than ever before to up-to-date data, but customer data is not the only data marketers need to access. They also need data that may be housed outside of the marketing department, including… Read more »

Have you ever wondered how some companies are able to consistently send millions of highly targeted, personalized emails in real-time? The very nature of email makes sending real-time, personalized messages a challenge for any company. The key to all real-time marketing is speed, but the very infrastructure of email marketing is based on a series… Read more »

MessageGears was proud to sponsor the inaugural OMMA Marketing Tech at Internet Week New York on May 18, 2016. The event focused on how marketers can aim technology at their main business objectives without being distracted by the newest, shiniest object on the market. Here are some highlights: Keynote: Marketing With A Retail Mindset Katie Bisbee,… Read more »