Recently, the hype surrounding the “Internet of Things” has reached an all-time high. Among enterprise businesses, this has driven and inspired serious concerns over security – this Gartner report’s headline says it all: “It’s Time to Isolate Your Services from the Internet Cesspool.” Most attacks originate from the public internet, and the more devices that… Read more »

Email marketers making plans for upcoming campaigns should take a closer look at mobile. In analyzing open and click rates from our enterprise customers between Q1 2015 and Q4 2016, we’re seeing signs that consumers are becoming more comfortable opening email marketing messages and engaging with offers from their smartphones. Over the past two years, the… Read more »

Last month, MessageGears’ CEO, Roger Barnette, spoke with BounceX about how enterprise marketers can better communicate with their customers. You can view the full webinar here. Here’s a brief recap: Big data can get in the way of highly personalized communication. Email marketing is used to engage, re-sell, upsell, and create long-term experiences with customers…. Read more »

The quest for greater personalization in email and digital marketing continues to be a hot topic (and goal) of enterprise businesses. A few months ago, more than half (54%) of senior marketing executives surveyed in “Breaking Down the Barriers for Successful Enterprise Email Marketing” said that improving email personalization was their number one priority for… Read more »