MessageGears Strengthens Its Position as a Leading Composable CDP Provider, Showcased at Summit 2023

Snowflake Summit 2023

At Snowflake’s annual user conference, joint customer OpenTable will share how it activates robust, personalized campaigns using both solutions, and MessageGears will participate in an exclusive panel on Building the Future of MarTech. 

Las Vegas, Nevada (June 27, 2023) MessageGears today announced at Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Summit 2023, that it is strengthening its partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, in helping big consumer brands segment and access large volumes of customer data without the need to replicate, sync, or store it somewhere new.  As a reflection of this partnership and commitment, MessageGears is participating in Snowflake’s Summit 2023 conference for a third year.  

MessageGears enables enterprise marketers to leverage zero- and first-party data to engage with their customers in highly personalized ways. By building on Snowflake, MessageGears eliminates the latency, inflexibility, and other limitations that large organizations face when using traditional SaaS marketing clouds, customer engagement platforms, and CDPs.  

MessageGears became a Powered By Snowflake partner in 2022. MessageGears is a Snowflake connected application that leverages the Snowflake Data Cloud.  

The combination of MessageGears with Snowflake provides B2C brands with composable customer data platform capabilities as well as cross-channel messaging capabilities that are agile, secure, and cost effective. Rakuten, Party City, OpenTable, Frontdoor, American Home Shield, Indeed, Sherwin-Williams, and Expedia are among the brands leveraging MessageGears with Snowflake. 

Joint customer OpenTable, a major digital hospitality brand, will be hosting a session at Snowflake Summit 2023. The company will share how its relatively small marketing team is able to activate robust customer data – using both MessageGears and the Snowflake Data Cloud – to implement hyper-personalized campaigns.  

“Previously, we had to put in a data request to the CDP, if that data even existed for the provider to calculate the data. And then, the next day, that data would be ready and we’d have to vet the data. If it wasn’t correct, then we’d have to wait another day for the provider to adjust it,” said Joseph Lee, Senior Technical Engagement Marketing Manager at OpenTable. “Now there’s no more data syncing from an old system into another system. All of our marketing channels sit on top of Snowflake. MessageGears does the deployment. So, all of our personalized emails can then trigger off of our Snowflake data set. It goes out, and then it stores right back into Snowflake — which is also a huge plus.”  

Leveraging the combined power of MessageGears and Snowflake, joint customers are able to develop, scale, and operate their marketing programs with significantly less operational burden. 

“By utilizing the Snowflake Data Cloud in combination with the advanced segmentation and activation solution of MessageGears, customers can avoid the constraints of cookie-cutter data models,” said Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake. “Direct control of their data enables companies to properly represent business-specific data models like customers, products, transactions, behavioral data, locations, coupons, and more.” 

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“The market is seeing a drop in overall packaged CDP utilization compared to a few years ago, especially as many companies find themselves in a kind of MarTech reckoning, trying to rationalize each solution in their stack,” said Natalia Dykyj, CMO at MessageGears. “We’re excited to return to this year’s Snowflake Summit to share insights on composable CDP approaches and customer engagement use cases when compared to traditional, packaged CDP models. The composable benefits for large data teams that are grappling with questions around data access and privacy are transformational.” 

MessageGears will be speaking with other industry leaders at Snowflake Summit on the CXO Panel of Powered by Snowflake Partners: Building the Future of MarTech on the Data Cloud to discuss the rise of the composable approach. Visit MessageGears at Snowflake Summit’s booth 2061-C, check out the conference keynotes on demand here, and stay on top of the latest news and announcements from Snowflake on LinkedIn and Twitter.