Database Integrations
Unlock your data’s potential with MessageGears + Snowflake
Orchestrate across all your channels using live Snowflake data in real time.

Execute seamless cross-channel customer experiences with your real-time Snowflake data, ensuring it remains the central database of record without requiring clunky or extensive workarounds! MessageGears natively integrates with Snowflake so enterprises can instantly access, activate, and harness customer data to deliver dynamic and personalized campaigns. MessageGears never copies or stores your data in our platform. Say goodbye to custom engineering, data latency, and data silos with this best-in-class partnership and native integration.

Snowflake + MessageGears
Build audiences using live data directly from Snowflake

Maintain your Snowflake instance as the true system of record for your cross-channel customer experiences. The moment a new field is created or updated, it can be deployed in your campaigns. Leverage as much customer intel as you want from your entire Snowflake data set for advanced segmentation, targeting, triggering, and analytics. Start delivering better customer experiences and unparalleled insights.

Orchestrate sophisticated cross-channel campaigns

MessageGears natively integrates with Snowflake so enterprises can immediately harness customer data to deliver awesome experiences across channels like email, push notifications, in-app messages, SMS, embedded content, and more. You should be empowered to  always meet your customers where they are, in (actual) real time.