Database Integrations
+ MessageGears
Cross-Channel Orchestration with your Live Snowflake Data

Put your data to work. MessageGears is the only cross-channel marketing platform purpose-built for Super Senders using Snowflake, allowing it to remain the central database of record while sending highly dynamic and personalized marketing campaigns using all of the data available. No more replicating, syncing, and storing data in a marketing cloud. This is how Super Senders do email and mobile marketing.

Snowflake + MessageGears
Build audiences using live data directly from Snowflake

Maintain your Snowflake instance as the true system of record for your cross-channel marketing efforts. Leverage the power of Snowflake during segmentation, personalization, and analytics processing.


Orchestrate sophisticated cross-channel campaigns

Use your Snowflake data to create dynamic, personalized marketing campaigns and easily orchestrate and automate across email, push, and SMS.