Building a Composable MarTech Strategy That Delivers

Roundtable with Merkle and Snowflake

A Roundtable Chat with Merkle and Snowflake 

A bird’s-eye view of the modern tech stack can easily resemble a pile of spaghetti. This is why more and more brands are leaning into a “composable” approach to SaaS. Marketers can access comprehensive customer data for real-time campaigns by pulling best-of-breed capabilities together in a new way – and their existing cloud database serves as the foundation for it all. 

Tune into this on-demand webinar as industry experts from MessageGears, Merkle, and Snowflake host a panel discussion on the agile, composable approach that’s taking us by storm. Discover exactly how other companies are achieving timely and relevant customer experiences to drive acquisition, retention, and loyalty. 

Dive into our conversation on:

  • Optimizing customer engagement with a composable setup
  • The emerging role of third-party CDP/CDI platforms 
  • First-party vs. third-party approaches to identity resolution 
  • Best practices for data enrichment, collaboration, and attribution 
  • Activating data on messaging and advertising channels 
  • Leveraging first-party data for “look-alike” customer acquisition in paid channels
  • Tips for reporting and analytics within a complicated tech stack

Led by expert panelists:

  • Courtney Trudeau, SVP, Technology Strategy, Merkle
  • Patrick Crosby, Technology, Alliances, Snowflake 
  • Walter Rowland, SVP Partnerships, MessageGears