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Build Predictive Customer Behavioral Profiles, Supercharge Abandoned Cart Recovery

Learn more about the warehouse-native “connected application” approach to turning web and mobile visitor activity into descriptive Customer Behavioral Profiles in the Snowflake Data Cloud, to understand your abandoned sessions and optimize activation strategies.

Joined by Snowflake’s Luke Ambrosetti and Snowplow’s Mike Maloney, we’ demystify behavioral data collection and discuss:

✅ Composable vs Packaged approaches to CDP and customer engagement powered by Snowflake, the role of behavioral data, and the benefits of a composable, modular model

✅ How the Modern Data Stack powers your marketing use cases. What a modular, unbundled, “connected app” alternative to your legacy SaaS Marketing Cloud MarTech stack looks like in practice

✅ How capturing behavioral data like abandoned browse really works (hint, you don’t need an expensive 3rd party packaged “black box” CDP to solve for it)

✅ How this Warehouse-Native “connected app” approach to behavioral data powers Composable CDP + Customer Engagement MarTech models, reduces tool and process redundancy, cuts costs, and ensures dynamism to power timely, relevant customer experiences that drive meaningful business impact.

– Walter Rowland, SVP Partnerships, MessageGears
– Luke Ambrosetti, Partner Solutions Engineer, Snowflake
– Mike Maloney, Field Chief Data Officer, Snowplow