MessageGears Enhances Interoperability; Enables 250+ Activation Endpoints For Better Customer Engagement

ATLANTA (June 20, 2024) – MessageGears, the leading data activation and engagement platform for enterprise brands, today announced enhanced interoperability and capabilities for its flagship customer engagement platform. With the addition of more than 250 channel activation endpoints, including advertising networks, eCommerce, media and streaming, marketers and paid media teams at large enterprises can now activate and unify customer data for dynamic engagement across multiple touchpoints in real time. 

“As brands continue to use their internal data cloud as their source of truth, they need more ways to use that data to power real-time customer experiences across channels like ad networks, social media networks and owned channels like email, SMS and mobile apps,” said Roger Barnette, CEO from MessageGears. “Combined with MessageGears’ enterprise ESP and mobile execution, brands can now utilize every data point in real time to deliver relevant and personalized customer journeys with incredible efficiency gains.” 

MessageGears’ AI-powered segmentation and vast network of native channels empowers marketers to use real-time customer event behavior to create predictive segments and automate interactions, such as paid ads or emails, to increase lifetime value and return on ad spend (RoaS).

The solution includes:

    • Channel Activation: 250+ channel endpoints across platforms, including advertising networks, eCommerce, media, streaming and more.
    • Data Exploration: Visualize and explore all relevant data from a brand’s data cloud, data lake or data warehouse. 
    • Reverse ETL: With a native connection to the cloud data warehouse, the entire organization has immediate access to clean, actionable data. 
    • Predictive Segmentation: Use data-driven predictive intelligence to automatically segment customers and build audiences.
    • Cross-channel Customer Engagement: Integrate third-party endpoints with native email, SMS and mobile to execute personalized, consistent and impactful campaigns.

The ability to sync customer data directly from internal data clouds to owned and third-party channels, without passing through a packaged SaaS solution (such as a packaged CDP), offers enterprises incredible cost and efficiency benefits. This approach also eliminates maintenance of complex data pipelines and data silos between functions, teams and platforms, which carries a heavy operational overhead and can place a burden on reaching business goals.

Enterprises like GoDaddy, Chewy and Indeed leverage MessageGears to enhance customer engagement by unifying owned channels such as email with push notifications, facilitated through their partner providers. By using MessageGears for segmentation, targeting and delivering data to push providers for execution, these brands have significantly streamlined their processes. This integration has led to substantial efficiencies, including saving a full-time equivalent (FTE) position previously dedicated to file transfer, monitoring and data error checking.

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About MessageGears

MessageGears is a data activation and engagement platform that empowers enterprises to leverage their entire data set for seamless communication across multiple channels, including email, SMS, mobile and hundreds of third-party platforms. Our mission is to facilitate efficient and secure data access without the need for moving, copying, or syncing.

Founded with the goal of providing enterprise brands with direct access to their data, MessageGears’ composable approach eliminates latency, mitigates security risks, and reduces costs associated with traditional ESPs, CDPs and marketing clouds.

Leading enterprises like GoDaddy, Chewy, and Indeed trust MessageGears to manage and activate their customer data across diverse tech stacks. Discover how we drive ROI here