Case Study

Vivid Games Generates $2.3M in Up-Sell Revenue Using In-App Messaging

Turning players into payers with more relevant engagement in real time

Vivid Games is an award-winning global leader in mobile games. Founded in 2006, the independent studio is dedicated to developing visually outstanding games that connect players in moments of joy, earning them such honors as Best Indie Developer, Best Polish Game of the Year at the 2013 European Games Festival, and Apple’s prestigious Editors’ Choice for work on popular games like Real Boxing and Godfire.

In 2015, Vivid Games chose to partner with MessageGears for its industry-leading mobile marketing and customer engagement offering. Since then, the team has relied on MessageGears to build, segment, and deliver hyper-targeted communications to players at a global scale. With MessageGears, the team at Vivid Games has a real-time advantage when meeting individual player needs, acting on new in-game behaviors, and gathering key insights for upsell campaigns. 

Key Outcomes

3.1 million

3.1 million personalized push notifications that engaged and retained users.


71% lift in app store rating from from 2.8 stars to 4.8 stars within 16 weeks.


448K additional app sessions as a result of more targeted 1:1 messaging.


98K completed app store ratings in response to targeted requests for feedback.

The Challenge

Expand their global reach with stronger, more impactful engagement

As a mobile-first developer, it’s imperative for Vivid Games to meet players where they are with better, not more, messages across titles. They needed a solution that could deliver personalized, 1:1 engagement at scale to help them effectively capitalize on everything from the high points of FTUE, to when players reach new challenges, unlocked levels, and more.

MessageGears increases game monetization with an unparalleled ability to deliver intelligent, 1:1  interactions optimized with real-time precision, driving measurable increases in LTV, ARPPU, DAU, and more. All made possible by MessageGears’ ability to understand the needs of hundreds of millions of individual players in real time, enabling impactful decisions to be made confidently on the fly, ultimately driving monetization, engagement, and player retention.

The Solution

Real-time relevance on mobile at enterprise scale

MessageGears was built to scale relevant outreach, send real-time messaging based on past, present, and predictive user behaviors, and deliver valuable 1:1 engagement that drives core KPIs.

With MessageGears, Vivid Games sent:

Hyper Relevant, Deep Linked In-App Messages 

The Vivid Games team used MessageGears to send in-app messaging to players communicating rewards they’ve earned, new levels, new features, requests for ratings, and retention-driven offerings that were available.

The Outcome

The team’s enjoyed a variety of favorable business outcomes, including:

  • $2.3 million generated in upsell revenue as a result of sending deeply relevant, hyper-targeted in-app messaging exactly when players were most likely to engage
  • 96% of targeted players engaged and retained by a retention-driven in-app campaign,  driving them to spend more time in the game
  • $13 monthly in ARPPU generated as a result of high-quality game experiences supported  by timely, relevant 1:1 messaging at scale
  • App ratings increased from 3.6 to 4.3 within a month of campaign deployment, driving more users to Vivid Games’ Space Pioneer app
  • 10.5 million players engaged by in-app messaging, keeping them playing and spending in the game while also contributing to Vivid’s average session length of 9 minutes per player
“MessageGears has allowed us to connect with millions of players with smarter messaging and perfect timing. The real-time in-app messaging we send with MessageGears doesn’t look or feel like marketing messaging—they’re rich and on-brand enough to be seen as another level of the overall player experience. This alone has created $2.3 million in upsell revenue and produced valuable lifts in app store ratings, which is very positive for our brand.”

~ Jacek Kwiatkowski, Head of Analytics

Driving high-value interactions at scale

In an ongoing collaboration, MessageGears proudly stands as Vivid Games’ trusted partner, continually delivering push and in-app messages that improve onboarding, engagement, and customer satisfaction.

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