Case Study

Online Audio Retailer Puts Their Customer 360 to Work

Removing Barriers to Customer Data

After building a complete 360 degree view of their customer, an online audio retailer found that no remote ESPs were able to effectively utilize the data they invested in. Switching to MessageGears allowed them to use their data in place, and raise engagement rates by 10%.

Key Outcomes

3 hours

The retailer was able to start sending test messages within 3 hours after installing MessageGears’ platform

Faster, easier execution

Deployments and program changes are faster and easier, enabling the retailer to react quickly and get campaigns out the door on time

+10% engagement

Click-to-open rates are 10% higher using MessageGears than campaigns from previous ESP

Ability to "Dream & Do"

Without technological constraints limiting their execution, the retailer is able to be more creative and send better messaging

The Problem

The benefits of investing in your data environment and creating a 360 Degree view of your customer are obvious – higher engagement rates, a single ‘pane of glass’ to see your users through, and more impactful customer experiences are just a few of the many. But what happens when you get a full view of the customer and you can’t use it?

This was the situation an online audio retailer found themselves in that brought them to MessageGears. Despite having an advanced data environment and a complete 360-degree view of their customer, their messaging platform required them to copy their data into the platform’s cloud environment, creating problems related to data lag and outsized cost. Adding to their issues was that their data didn’t map easily and wasn’t usable in other ESPs, greatly increasing the time and manpower it took to sync the data while causing headaches for their marketing team when they tried to utilize customer data for personalization

“We had gotten our customer data into a very good place, but weren’t able to capitalize on it because of our ESP’s need to copy the data into their platform” says the retailer’s I.T. Manager. “This was preventing us from executing on marketing strategies and limiting the kinds of communications we could send. We needed a solution that could leverage our data in the way we had organized it.”

The Solution

The retailer had built out an advanced data with a complete view of their customer – they just needed to take advantage of it. MessageGears installed directly on top of their existing data environment, and was able to begin creating audiences and designing templates nearly immediately.

“I.T. helped us get installed in the first hour, and by the afternoon we were sending live messages,” says Taylor Jones, SVP of Customer Success. “This gave the retailer a complete view of their customer and made getting off the ground a breeze.”

In fact, the installation process went so quickly that they were sending live proofs to the inbox within 6 hours of I.T. installing MessageGears, and were sending live campaigns a week after that. The ability to directly access all of their customer data gave them much more flexibility when creating audiences that they were able to finely target and segment users based on recent behavior, and allowed them to use additional information to make their messages even more personalized than before.

The Results

Since transitioning their email marketing programs to MessageGears, the retailer’s team has seen:

  • Faster and easier deployments and changes to programs, enabling them to react quickly to new developments and get campaigns out the door on time
  • More flexible message has led to better user engagement, with click-to-open rates improving by 10%
  • A diversity in the types of programs they are able to send, encouraging the creativity of the marketing team to “Dream and do” the campaigns they thought would work rather than letting technological constraints limit their execution

But that’s not the entire story. Because of their ability to utilize their in-house data at rest and stop copying data into other platforms, they’ve been able to reduce overall marketing spend – both per active user and per message. These efficiency gains help them re-invest into different marketing strategies and elevate their overall bottom line.

“Since we started working with MessageGears, I’ve been amazed at how much faster we’ve been able to deploy campaigns and just execute without having to worry about what’s possible.”