Case Study

How Nukebox Uses Push Notifications to Increase App Sessions by 30%

Boosting revenue, player retention, and app user activity in real time

As one of the top-grossing mobile game developers in India, Nukebox Studios stands out with an innovative approach to player experiences. This popular studio has grown by building original, free-to-play IP titles for a global audience. Their Food Truck Chef app was awarded Best Game of 2017 by Google and has been consistently in the top 100 grossing global app charts since its launch. With their love for data, creativity, and close-knit community of passionate gamers, Nukebox Studios continues to shine as a developer to watch in years to come. 

Nukebox Studios chose to partner with MessageGears for its award-winning ability to surprise and delight individual app users with perfect timing. This partnership has produced a variety of revenue-driven campaigns that deliver deeply personalized, hyper-targeted relevance to app users before, during, and after gameplay, in real time. With MessageGears, the Nukebox Studios team has a real-time advantage that helps them keep players immersed, invested, and coming back for more.

Key Outcomes

3.1 million

3.1 million personalized push notifications that engaged and retained users.


71% lift in app store rating from from 2.8 stars to 4.8 stars within 16 weeks.


448K additional app sessions as a result of more targeted 1:1 messaging.


98K completed app store ratings in response to targeted requests for feedback.

The Challenge

Real-time messaging

Mobile-first developers like Nukebox Studios need to anticipate and act on individual player interests and needs with perfect timing, in real time. The Nukebox team required a mobile marketing platform that could help them drive significant increases in ARPU (average revenue per user) and retention to help their team meet key revenue goals. This meant partnering with a solution that could deliver hyper-targeted, 1:1 engagement at scale, which would allow them to capitalize on everything from the high points of FTUE to when players reach new challenges, new levels, and more. 

The Solution

Real-time relevance on mobile at enterprise scale

MessageGears was built to scale relevant outreach, send real-time messaging based on past, present, and predictive user behaviors, and deliver valuable 1:1 engagement that drives core KPIs.

MessageGears increases game monetization with an unparalleled ability to deliver intelligent, 1:1 interactions optimized with real-time precision, driving measurable increases in LTV, ARPPU, DAU, and more. All made possible by MessageGears’ ability to interpret the needs of millions of individual players in real time, enabling impactful decisions to be made confidently on the fly, ultimately driving monetization, engagement, and player retention. 

With MessageGears, Nukebox Studios Sent:

Hyper-Targeted, Deep Linked Push Notifications

Nukebox Studios relied on MessageGears to deliver mobile push messaging to players alerting them of new levels, re-engaging them if they’ve lapsed, communicating new gameplay themes, special offers, and more.

Hyper Relevant, Pixel-Perfect In-App Messages

The Nukebox Studios team used MessageGears to send in-app messaging to players communicating rewards they’ve earned, new levels, new features, and more.

The Outcome

The team enjoyed a variety of favorable business outcomes, including:

  • 133k more in-game exclusives purchased among MessageGears-engaged players, a result of deeply relevant, hyper-targeted gameplay incentives delivered with perfect timing
  • 50% increase in ARPU (average revenue per user) generated as a result of high-quality game experiences supported by timely, relevant 1:1 messaging at scale
  • 6% lift in overall app revenue, a result of capitalizing on critical moments in individual player journeys in real time, and inspiring more purchases during gameplay
  • Over half a million additional gaming sessions generated as a result of deeply targeted, personalized push messaging sent exactly when players were most likely to engage
  • 8% increase in retention rates generated as a result of deeply targeted, hyper-relevant messaging that gave new users more incentive to return to the app
  • 140 million push notifications delivered, driving greater retention with messaging that communicated new themes and special offers to the right users at the right time
  • 1.1 million in-app messages opened, increasing awareness and engagement on hyper-targeted campaigns, new offers, and trending gameplay incentives to the app
“Real-time relevance through MessageGears has resulted in significant increases in revenue for our mobile game. The platform has skyrocketed engagement amongst new and engaged users, while also re-engaging lapsed users with gameplay incentives that are personalized to fit their individual interests and patterns. Our team is exceeding its goals this quarter using MessageGears. We couldn’t be happier.”

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Driving high-value interactions at scale

In an ongoing collaboration, MessageGears proudly stands as Nukebox’s trusted partner, continually delivering push and in-app messages that improve onboarding, engagement, and customer satisfaction.

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