Case Study

Movember Uses a Multichannel Strategy to Increase Donations by 374%

For a global non-profit rooted in participation, it’s imperative for Movember to be able to authentically connect with supporters wherever they are. MessageGears’ targeting and triggering abilities have really helped their team connect with users through deeply relevant messaging experiences on mobile, and inspire more opens, clicks, and, ultimately, donations.

Key Outcomes

3.1 million

3.1 million personalized push notifications that engaged and retained users.


71% lift in app store rating from from 2.8 stars to 4.8 stars within 16 weeks.


448K additional app sessions as a result of more targeted 1:1 messaging.


98K completed app store ratings in response to targeted requests for feedback.

The Challenge

Movember’s goal for 2019 was to increase their fundraising and donations from 2018 by over 25% and increase engagement by at least 1.5x during the most lucrative time of their calendar year: Movember.

To reach that goal, the Movember team needed to start engagement with their mobile audience, in addition to their email and web subscriber base.

The Solution

A strong multichannel strategy. Movember needed an AI-enabled engagement platform that could seamlessly integrate with their existing system, Oracle Eloqua, and help them intelligently create and send mobile- first messaging that could complement their email campaigns and reflect the actions their customers were taking in real time.

With MessageGears, Movember got a crystal clear view of their customers actions inside the app and on their other channels, and monitor trends on engagement and monetization that would inform their messaging strategies. By measuring results of MessageGears campaigns across the five pillars of mobile engagement; Activation, Engagement, Retention, Monetization, and Advocacy, Movember could clearly see the areas where their users connected with the brand, and also where users were less likely to interact, and thus areas that needed more compelling, targeted messaging.

The Outcome

  • 67% competition rate on push notification opt-ins
  • Increased engagement for push notifications across iOS and Android
  • Huge lifts in donations on iOS and Android with targeted monetization campaigns
“Movember is unique in that we need to encourage high levels of engagement in an incredibly small timeframe. MessageGears' integration with Oracle Eloqua makes it possible for Movember to couple rich push notifications and native in-app messages with existing user journeys, working in concert with our omnichannel approach, to connect with users with the right message, at the right time, in the right channel to drive measurable impact for men’s health around the world.”

~ Meaghan Bilinski, Global Director of Digital Marketing & Automation

Driving high-value interactions at scale

In an ongoing collaboration, MessageGears proudly stands as Movember’s trusted partner, continually delivering push and in-app messages that improve onboarding, engagement, and customer satisfaction.

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