Case Study

How Cox Communications Increases App Feature Usage by 220%

Cox Communications encourages its customers to surf, stream, and share wherever life takes them. To make this happen, Cox needed to move as quickly as their customers and deliver value across devices, journeys, and deliver real-time experiences with their brand. Cox chose MessageGears to elevate engagement and boost feature adoption in their app. The MessageGears mobile marketing and customer engagement platform stood out as a solution that could meet the evolving needs and expectations of today’s digital-first world.

Key Outcomes

3.1 million

3.1 million personalized push notifications that engaged and retained users.


71% lift in app store rating from from 2.8 stars to 4.8 stars within 16 weeks.


448K additional app sessions as a result of more targeted 1:1 messaging.


98K completed app store ratings in response to targeted requests for feedback.

The Challenge

To meet and exceed goals, telecom brands need to drive lifetime connections with customers everywhere. They need to deliver stronger, more meaningful 1:1 engagement and greater relevance across channels. To make this happen, Cox Communications needed a way to identify, interpret and anticipate the needs of each individual customer in real time, delivering better, not more, customer touches for increases in app feature use, engagement, and customer satisfaction.

The Solution

MessageGears gives telecom companies the enterprise-grade tools needed to deliver relevant experiences with greater real-time precision, driving stronger business outcomes. By deepening their relevance with MessageGears, telecom companies like Cox Communications have successfully scaled communications about billing, reminders, and feature marketing across millions of users.

The Outcome

More Opt-Ins and Increased Engagement

  • 3.5x increase in paperless billing opt-ins, which results in greater speed and convenience for customers, driving ease of use and long-term satisfaction
  • 5% engagement rate on the “Refer a Friend” campaign, ultimately increasing customer acquisition efforts and driving brand awareness for Cox

Valuable Boosts in Feature Usage

  • 10% increase in overall usage in the voicemail feature campaign, which increases the convenience and ease of use associated with their overall app experience
  • 220% increase in DVR reminder usage and a 90% increase in DVR recorder usage as a result of their Game of Thrones campaign, showing users the real-time value of Cox’s DVR experience, which ultimately will result in more visits to the app and sharper increases in daily and monthly active users

Driving high-value interactions at scale

In an ongoing collaboration, MessageGears proudly stands as Cox’s trusted partner, continually delivering push and in-app messages that improve onboarding, engagement, and customer satisfaction.

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