Multi-Channel Marketing


What is multi-channel marketing?

Multi-channel marketing is the act of communicating with your customers across many different channels, such as push notifications, SMS, email, etc. For enterprise marketing teams in the B2C space today, this is mostly a given. Very few large companies stick to one digital channel, as they strive to reach their customers via whatever means is most effective for each type of communication.

What are the benefits of multi-channel marketing?

Multi-channel marketing is important because it can enable consistent messaging across channels and increases potential interactions with its customers. Instead of sending one email, interacting with customers through multiple channels (SMS, push notifications, email, etc) can drive customer interest and show engagement. It also leads to a better customer experience because the customer feels like you’re taking their needs into consideration.

What’s an example of multi-channel marketing?

If you’re an airline, flight deals and loyalty membership updates make a lot of sense to send via email. This allows customers to engage with these messages (or not) on their own schedule and easily keep or delete it with the click of a mouse. On the other hand, sending a notification of a last-minute gate change or flight delay to a passenger’s email address may check a box, but it may not be very helpful if they’re walking through the airport. A push notification or SMS, though, could alert them to the change quickly, saving them time and giving them control.

What’s the difference between multi-channel and cross-channel marketing?

While multi-channel marketing simply involved incorporating multiple digital channels into your messaging strategy, cross-channel marketing keeps the various channels within the same campaign and interface. This saves the marketer the time of duplicating campaigns across multiple channels and eliminates silos wherein each channel doesn’t seem to know what the others are doing, leading to redundant and superfluous messaging in some marketing channels. It also leads to a better customer experience, which can help you hit your metrics across the board.

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